How can I change the Y position of the shader?

Hi, I’m new to Retroarch customization. I want to combine the handheld-border shader ‘GB-dmg’ with Duimon’s GB overlay. The only issue is that I can’t find the option to change the Y position in the preset configuration, I’ve been trying to edit the various .slangp text files, but I haven’t succeeded. I need to raise the image a bit higher. Thanks in advance.

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Issue resolved. In the shader parameters (quick menu), I found an option called “Screen Offset Vert.” The problem was that the values could only be adjusted between -5 and 5, which caused the image to move just a few pixels. I was looking through the shader files until I found where these options were located, in the “gb-pass4.slang” file. I extended the Offset Vert to -100 and 100, with -80 being the appropriate adjustment for what I was looking for.


Thanks for the tip. I Was looking for that!