How can i create a new topic? :/

how do i start a new topic for discussion in this Libretro forum, for the love of god!?

For those wondering why they cannot create a new topic.

Every time I see this thread popup it brings a smile to my face.

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Ok so i need to make some post and after i can open a new one?

Can someone please tell me how to start a post on this here forum?!? How do you start a thread here? Do I need to wait until my account has been verified? If so, the welcome email never mentions it.

I can however reply to topics already started.


Yes… You need to stay and read a post for a good amount of time (i dont remember but i have spend 20min for search my info… Responded to a few posts and sopo I got the message that I could open new posts)

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Seemingly yes if you dont comment on existing posts, you cannot make your own.

I am having a problem with my controller. I am trying to play Atari 2600 on the Stella core. I am using a Stelladaptor (2600 to USB Adapter) with a real Atari 2600 joystick. In Retroarch it is showing device type as RetroPad. The problem is whenever I hit the fire button it resets the game instead of firing. In Retroarch by default it is setting Reset Auto: 0 and there seems to be no way to remove this default mapping and changing it so the only fire button on the joystick (no start or select buttons on these old school joysticks) maps to Fire. Does anyone know how I can do this please - posting here as unable to create a new topic to ask for help for some bizarre reason!

When you plug in your controller and it says “blahblah gamepad configured”, what’s the name it says?

Do you mean in RetroArch? In Device Index it is showing as: Stelladaptor 2600-to-USB Interface Device Type is showing RetroPad

Yes, in RetroArch. From the notification that pops up when you plug it in.

Stelladaptor 2600-to-USB Interface

I can’t find the words “stelladapter” or “2600” in any of our autoconfig profiles:

While discontinued a lot of people bought them from as they were also the only device at the time to support Atari 2600 Paddle controllers, although I am just trying to use it with a joystick. I have also used it with C64 joysticks and in C64, Plus 4 and other emulators in the past.

I noticed all the controller config files are inside RetroArch\autoconfig\udev

Would it be possible to create a manual cfg file to get this to work correctly, so the fire button does not associate to reset?

Yes, it appears there are 6 profiles (2 of which are udev) that include “input_reset_btn”, which I think is a terrible idea and we should probably remove for exactly this reason. I suspect your pad shares a vid/pid with one of these devices and is being mis-detected and mis-configured.

You can definitely create your own autoconfig profile and it should use it instead of the erroneous one. And, if you like, you could submit your profile to the repo for future inclusion.

I am a new user, but it seems i am not able to crate topic. Is there a problem?

Because I can’t start a new thread and can’t found existing thread. There is thread about swanstation have glitch picture (on every game)?

Maybe someone can help?

Hello, I can’t seem to post anything on the forums either, I just wanted to ask why Retroarch won’t ever save on the actual .dsv file when prompted to in-game… on Desmume core, already tried with 999 and Another code / Trace memory, it creates the save file on the saves folder but every single time I get an error.

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hi, i made account just now, how long before I can make thread?

@Derpmochump Please see here under “New Topics” section