How can i create a new topic? :/


This just seems like a bad system to me I made an account specifically so I could get help with reicast and how to get roms working but now I have to wait to create a post about my question yay.


I had a question that I wanted to make since the search didn’t help.


if cannot create new topic, then probably find something similar to the issue you are having and then post.


That’s a shame about this being the only solution


Just browse the forum for like 10 minutes, make a few posts and housebroken to post.

Having it closed at first is good for us. We don’t have too many moderators and before we had this solution we had to remove about 100 spam posts a week.


I can’t make a new topic until I have a certain number of posts but I only came here to ask a question that hasn’t been addressed properly on any other forum and I Can’t find one that addresses and fixes the problem on this forum either.


so again, what am i at now 3/5 ok, super.

I am new to retroarch, installed it on windows 10. v 1.7 and no controls are working only arrows

and upon enter, i cannot go back.

x, z not working

please advice


did you try enter/backspace? X/Z are the old defaults (changed a year or more ago, IIRC) but you can get back to it via settings > input > unified menu controls.

EDIT: also, I think the new thread trust level is based on browsing the forum for like 5 or 10 min. I thought I added that to the registration email, but I haven’t actually confirmed that it’s there…


I’m sorry, this is my first post. I have question but I can’t open new topic so I ask here. I have installed retroarch 1.7.0 on my ps3, I add some roms (old roms…) in my usb hdd and I connect it to my ps3. Retroarch scan USB folders and it added the roms into n.2 icons at the right end of menu, mame2000 and snes. When I try to launch a rom retroarch ask me which emulator use (sometimes are n.2 emulators, sometimes are more then 2, ecc.). If I choose a wrong emulator I block my ps3 and I need to restart the console to unfreezed it. Does exist a workaround to be sure to select always the correct emulator?


Hi, I guess this is the place to make questions when you can’t make topics yet? I’m having issues with my PS4 controller on a Note 8, the delay is about ~2 seconds which is unusable, is there anything I can do to fix this? If not, will buying a dedicated Android controller fix anything?


It’s funny to see how my “How can i create a topic” topic evolved lol.


I’m having the same issue as well. Thanks for the info!


Hey, thanks for your answer. Same problem here :smiley:


Why do you people complain so much??

It’s not even that hard, for most users it should be transparent as long as they have browsed the forum for your answers briefly.

There are several conditions that allow you to be promoted to trust level 2 (new topics):

  • Entering 10 different topics
  • Reading 50 posts
  • Spent 60 minutes on the forum
  • Visit the site in more than 5 different days
  • Receive at least one like
  • Give at least 5 likes
  • Reply to 3 topics

To me this shows up that everyone just wants to come in and ask their questions without doing due dilligence. The entry barrier is not all that high and allows us to remain spam free.

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Thank you for the message. I agree that it should be obvious. I looked for sticky threads/ and did a rough search to no avail.

If I may suggest, the join/welcome email after signing up could contain that bulleted list. Or a top level thread could contain that information.

Thanks for the info. I’ll be there before no time.


Wondering about this as well. Thanks.


i can’t create a topic too, but in retroarch > windows… I’m having a bad experience using mame_libreto core…


I would like to create a new topic asking for help trying to get retroarch’s xmb working on raspbian.

Do I need to have x11 installed?


XMB doesn’t require X11 but it does need GL.


I have libgl1-mesa-dri installed, but I still get the following error when running retroarch (compiled from libretro-super):

[INFO] [VIDEO]: Graphics driver did not initialize an input driver. Attempting to pick a suitable driver. [ERROR] Currently active window is not an X11 window. Cannot use this driver. [ERROR] [VIDEO]: Cannot initialize input driver. Exiting … [ERROR] Fatal error received in: “video_driver_init_input()” [ERROR] This core requires a content file, could not load content.

And when running retroarch installed via apt, I just get “illegal operation”