How can I use the keyboard as input for select cores?

Hi, I want to use the keyboard as input for some cores. Specifically, those for the Amstrad CPC and Microsoft MSX/2. These systems are computers, and they had keyboards, as such, their games were designed with this in mind. It would be much more comfortable to be able to play these games with a real keyboard, the problem is retroarch doesn’t disable the hotkeys when playing in these cores, so I just end up making a mess. Any solution?

The best way I find is to apply a “modifier” in the user interface section. I use “shift” so you would have to press “shift+H” in order to reset, “shift+f1” to bring up RA menu… any of RA’s functions.

It’s not core specific either, it’s a global setting.

Scroll Lock, which is the default key for Game Focus, will temporarily disable hotkeys for keyboard usage.

Or did you mean that it isn’t working in Lakka…?

Shift for modifier pretty much means no typing in caps then, heh.

Just used shift as an example, can be any key.

How can I change what key enables Game Focus? My keyboard doesn’t have it.

You can change it in “input” --> “hotkeys”. The game focus key works… I don’t see a way to automate it though so you will have to press it every single time you load any game in these cores.

The modifier will make the keyboard immediately usable and you can still access any of RA’s functions.

I believe the nightly builds have an option to allow cores that use the keyboard to automatically enter game-focus mode.