How do you update Raspberry PI Firmware from Lakka command line (ssh)

i want to update my rpi4 firmware to a newer version, but my only Os is Lakka, i tried a few things i’d googled in the ssh command line but none seemed to work. does anyone know the commands etc for updating it. thanks in advance

Please don’t ask the same question in multiple topics. I answered you on the other one.

So, I can’t find the other post anywhere but have the same question. Any help?

Short answer: you don’t since everything is embedded in Lakka

Long answer: what do you mean by “firmware”?

I know there was some firmware that reduced temperatures and power draw and the pi foundation released it a while back. So, whatever they meant by firmware at that point. That’s all baked in?

I think that is a real firmware that gets flashed on the chip? I may be mistaken

If you flash it from Raspbian using their tool it should be permanent

Gotcha. I’ll make a Raspbian card, run some tests and let you know what I find. Clarity on the subject would surely be appreciated as I’ve come across other unanswered threads along the internet that don’t cover it.

The issue is that people use the term “firmware” for everything: kernel, dtbos, bootloader files, Linux firmwares, actual chip firmwares… In Raspbian you update all of those with like one command

In Lakka every component is separate so when people say to “update the firmware” I never know what they mean