How to change the splash screen?

Hi, I’ve installed Lakka on a raspberry pi 3 and have changed the design of the menu icons and backgrounds to be more personal. However, the lakka boot logo doesn’t fit in with the rest of the design and I was hoping someone could offer advice or an explanation on changing it.

I’d need to find the splash image on my sd card, but I don’t know where to go/how to get there so that I can change it.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Take your SD card out and mount it on another computer. Look in the system partition (i.e., not the one where you put the games and stuff) for a png file with ‘splash’ in the filename. You should be able to replace it with another image of the same dimensions.

This is what is displayed to me when insert the sd card into my computer. There doesn’t seem to be a splash image file.

I can’t access the storage(roms and other stuff) when it’s inserted, but only these files. I do all my file transfer over my wifi.

Is there any way to access more of the sd card without messing stuff up?

I had some issues getting into the file system as well. I had the best luck by connecting the Lakka machine (old Intel laptop) via a wired connection and then using FTP with Filezilla to remote in and edit the files.

Can I change the .png for a .mp4 like retropie does?

Where did you end up finding the splash.png? I tried using WinSCP to access all the files. And, while I could access a lot more of the system, I still couldn’t find the splash.png I was looking for haha.


I too have had no luck accessing this image file in the Pi (RC2.0) build. Looked through all partitions with no luck. Any more guidance here? Thanks in advance.!

Not to necro bump this, but considering this wasn’t answered, I figured I’d chip in since I recently figured this out.

If you take the SD card out of the Pi, then insert it into a Windows PC, you can put your splash screen in the directory that pops up. Just make sure it’s 1920x1080, a png file, and named “oemsplash”.

Eject the SD Card, then put it back in your pi. When you boot up again, your splash screen will be customized!


It actually works :open_mouth: Thanks so much!