How to compile libretro cores for Pi Zero like Lakka?

Hi, i would like to know which parameters/flags/packages use Lakka nightly builds to compile libretro cores like pcsx-rearmed for Pi Zero. Because when i try to compile from libretro git i get "Illegal Instructio"n when running the core in my pi zero, but lakka’s works flawlessly. Tried platform armv, rpi2, rpi3 with ari64 and ligthrec… all failed

I am interested cuz most of the cores are built with libc6 2.29 and raspbian uses libc6 2.28 (they fail to run), so i want to build them in raspbian.



You should try for pcsx-rearmed

make -f Makefile.libretro HAVE_NEON=0 USE_DYNAREC=1 DYNAREC=ari64 ARCH=arm BUILTIN_GPU=unai


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