How to configure the inputs?

Hi I just installed Lakka on a raspberryPi 3. But i can’t figure out how to configure the inputs, i plugged a xbox 360 controller, and keyboard and another simple usb pad, none of them works correctly. I can move around in the menu but i can’t enter anything. The xbox controller buttons dont work. Same thing for the keyboard, only the arrows and the Esc button do something. I also downloaded a .cfg from the github repository for the xbox 360 controller and put it in the Joypads folder, but it desnt seem to work …

On the keyboard, depending on whether you’re using a stable release or a nightly, ok/accept is either ‘enter’ or ‘x’ and cancel is either ‘backspace’ or ‘z’.

When you plug in your 360 controller, does it show any yellow text on the screen saying the pad is configured?

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