How to DIY a light gun for games such as opration wolf?

I can not buy a light gun for games such as opration wolf at game shop. So i want DIY a light gun. Anyone has schematic?or tell me how to design it.

I think that many emulator users in general have been using Wii remotes as the basis for light guns in combination with the ‘Mayflash Dolphinbar’ Wii bluetooth receiver (which as the name suggests is designed to work well with emulators).

I’ve been meaning to try this combo with Lakka myself but I haven’t yet so I wouldn’t want to suggest you go out and purchase these components. Maybe someone else here has actually tried it or another approach.

Please be aware that due to a limitation within libretro’s design itself you can only have one lightgun at a time for now.

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I’m assuming you’re on a LCD/flat-panel TV/display and not a CRT? If so, traditional light guns can’t and won’t work.

However, if you have a wii remote, Mayflash’s Dolphinbar can work pretty well as a light gun if you set it to “mouse mode”. I’ve tested it successfully in Linux but in Windows the mouse/gun kinda goes crazy (or at least, it did when I tried it a couple of years ago).

There are also some premade solutions (can’t remember the names right now) that some of the arcade emulation folks speak highly of, but they just work the same way as a wiimote ultimately.

this Gun is very cool i think… The used AimTrak-Hardware can be sold seperatly too.

but i dont know whether it runs under lakka/RA

Playing a nice lightgun-title (like O.W. or Space Gun) with such a device is a great pleasure :slight_smile:

Anyone had any luck using one of the Aimtrak guns with Mame in Lakka? Just curious.

There is new support for lightguns in RetroArch as of a few weeks ago and Aimtrak guns should work in Windows and *nix operating systems.

This will not be part of Lakka until RetroArch 1.6.8 is bundled. Right now Lakka uses RetroArch 1.6.7.

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Ok. Cool. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

I’m working on an Arduino powered light gun for Mame & Retropie have a look at the demo here. Hope to have a build guide up soon.

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That looks really good and stable. It uses IR LEDs around the display for positioning?

It’s just 2 Leds on top of the screen, but I’ve added some trigonometry into the code to which allows for a bit tilt on the gun which makes it nice and stable. I’ll add a link to the code when I make my build guide video, hopefully be up in a couple of weeks.

Nice. I’ll forward to checking it out :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m not sure if you’ve seen but my build guide is now up…


Hi Guys, here’s a quick vid of the SAMCO light gun in action…

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