How to get shaders and scanlines to look right?

When I try various shaders (PC) I get horizontal bands etc. Instead of skipping every other line exactly it looks like it isn’t rendering to the native resolution of the screen itself. It looks to be rendering internally then scaling to the monitor giving ugly artifacts, bands, tiles etc. How do I synchronize the shader native resolution to the screen native resolution so that it is a perfect 1:1 mapping? I tried a bunch of stuff like integer etc with no luck.

Integer scaling should be the thing you need there. Aside from that, make sure you don’t have any video filters active (you shouldn’t by default) and you don’t have any additional shader passes after the one with the lines.

Isn’t video smoothing (bilinear filter) enabled by default in the video settings?

It is, but that shouldn’t lead to distorted scanlines. At worst, just a softer/blurrier image.

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Bilinear is disabled when shaders are loaded though, right?

Depends on the setting. The shaders can override the global setting, though.

Well this is kind frustrating, since I can’t create a topic about the issue I am having, so apologies for just piggy backing on this topic.

I am using RA to run MAME games.I have 3 cores installed. mame2010, mame, and fbneo.

I am applying the same CRT shader on all 3. The shader looks correct on mame2010 and fbneo. However, on mame core, it looks totally different, even though it is the same shader.

So here is the thing. Mame core has the resolution option. I changed it to1920x1080. The other cores (where it is working) do not have a resolution option. If I drop the resolution on mame core to 640x480… I get close the the look of the other cores. However, I don’t really want to do that. I would rather bump up the resolution of fbneo and mame2010 to 1920x1080, and hope that everything looks consistent.

Although, if I can get the resolutions to look the same without changing resolutions for any of the systems, that would be great.

To be even more clear. SNES, NEOGEO, Genesis, NES, and all the others shader scan lines all look like the scan lines of mame2010 and fbneo… mame2010 is the ONLY where the CRT shader does not look right

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Most cores don’t include the resolution bump, and most shaders are designed around low-res images. Is there a reason you want mame2010 to run at the higher res?

Actually guys… I figured out the problem. In mame core options, there was an option “Alternate Render Method” enabled. With this option enabled, I wasn’t getting the scan lines. When I disabled the options, now the scan lines appear. Hopefully this will help anyone else who runs into this issue. Attached is a screen shot showing 1920x1080 with scan lines and the Alternate render method enabled and disabled

Apologies… looks like the post order got messed up. I guess I have passed the threshold of posts made that need approval. The post comparing SF screen shot to MK, was made before I posted about what was actually causing the issue. That post hasn’t been approved yet, so you may not even see it

Glad you got it worked out :slight_smile: