How to remove the scanlines from shaders?

I’m mostly using guest_venom as my default shader but there is no option in the parameters to completely remove the scanlines. In fact, i don’t remember any shader that has such option. You can usually change the type of the scanlines but not remove them completely.

I’d like to have the option to keep all the effects a shader provides but also remove the scanlines in cases where they look uneven or create an annoying moire effect, which is very common when you want to make a video or stream while using shaders.

Is there a way?

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Standard guest-venom has been outdated for a while, the guest advanced variants contain an option that I specificially requested to remove them. In standard guest you may able to make scanlines not visible if you adjust the parameters (at least if you’re using a mask, may also depend on content). Easier to just toggle, obviously :grin:

Otherwise, here are some shaders that let you remove scanlines:

Easymode / halation


CRT-Lottes Fast / Fakelottes

Mame hlsl

CRT Beam (glsl-only)

Scanlines reduction may result in the need to significantly adjust other parameters in some cases (gamma, brightness…).

Thanks, seems like i need to update my shaders

If you are using HSM Shaders, you can use the sharp pixel preset. But if you want a more polished result, you can reduce the Interlacing And Fake Scanline Trigger Res parameter to zero.

Alternatively, you can also remove or change the mask type in the CRT Mask parameter.

Sharp Pixel Preset:

STD Preset + Interlacing And Fake Scanline Trigger Res at 100:

STD Preset + Interlacing And Fake Scanline Trigger Res at 100 + No Mask:

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