How to reset original configuration


Hello I’ve installed lakka on SD card and booting from a Macbook, with only saturn games on it. Everything worked fine, except When a game crash (not supported), everything goes wrong after that. I reboot lakka, try to play other games that worked before, i just got the lakka flower, then restart to the main lakka menu. I had to reinstall everything in order to make it work again (flash again the sd card, to a fresh new lakka install)

Is there a way to reset the lakka core without flashing again the entire card?


If the RetroArch build is new/recent, go to main menu > configurations > reset to defaults. I think there are a couple of things that don’t get caught by that, so if you’re still having problems, you’ll need to delete your ~/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg over ssh (make sure the retroarch process is killed before doing so or it will just come back with the exact same values).

If it’s a core issue, you need to delete your ~/.config/retroarch/retroarch-core-options.cfg file.


well, The reset to default option, kinda mees up everything too : menu fonts looks like pixel, no cores to display. Cannot do a thing. So flash everything again. And now I’m saving configuration file to a new one, and I cross my fingers that when I’ll load the save configuration after a crash everything will start fine . Thanks anyway


@Eidern Please read this documentation.


okay thanks. As soon as I get another crash, I’ll give a try to the purge. Thanks