How to utilize Wireguard VPN

As someone else who is a new user and can’t post any new topics. I notice that there is a wireguard folder in /storage/.config/wireguard

I want to take my ODroid XU4 with me when I travel and not have to carry a lot of storage around with me, so I have a server running at home that has all of my rom files on it. I set up a CIFS automount on boot, but how do I configure wireguard to connect to my VPN? (I am an experienced user of wireguard and know how to configure it, but I don’t find the binaries “wg” or “wg-quick” in the current path. Will simply creating a config file for the wireguard interface work?)

*Edit: Thanks to the mod who started this thread for me. Your topic wording was a little off though…lol


Please open a feature request as WireGuard could be enabled.

Thank you.

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