HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Heh, right now they are the old guest-venom but I do plan to implement guest-venom-advanced as well, just haven’t gotten there yet :wink:

Yeah, I’ll take a look at what it’s doing to understand how it might fit into the picture…


The animation is this :


So like this, image

The game board output a black and white image and a colored plastic film was placed over the screen to make parts of the images colored. This image can be used for anything image you want to apply on the tube area, this can apply a colorizing effect like a colored gel as well as a brightening effect if desired like this.

Yup you can use nightly releases no problem, the shaders will keep working from version to version :slight_smile:


Hey I’m going to jump in here at Post 2000! Wow! Thanks so much everybody for all the feedback over the last year :partying_face:

The package has been downloaded over 2000 times as well which kind of blows my mind too :sweat_smile:


OMG! This is fabulous! So in this case Vectrex is going to get a big love from this gel :heart_eyes:

Wow really?! All these great features and will support future releases on top? :sob: No, I’m not crying it’s tear of joy.

Congratulation! You well-earned. I wish you more great accomplishments :trophy:


So Guest-DrVenom is my go to standard preset, and it really has a lot of control for getting a lot of different looks, so personally I would choose this one. I also have Guest-DrVenom set up to automatically use 200% scaling on the mask at 4K, I can’t remember if I implemented this on Guest-SM.

Guest-SM Is a really cool looking shader and I like it, but it’s not my number 1# which is Guest-DrVenom because of it’s flexibility. Maybe @guest.r will give his opinion on the main difference between them.

I don’t have any settings in mind, but I would be interested in exploring what settings would give a similar effect. Do you have an example core image that you think is a good one to test with this?


I thought it might be a good idea to resurrect this old post showing some of the things the new shader version can do. Hard to believe it was back in October.


Oh my! You guys definitely have no limits when it comes to creativity. I’m speechless right now, hats off. Can’t wait to get my hands on to all these beauties.


Thanks. The arcade stuff is a set of raster graphics I did before I joined this forum. I converted it into multiple layers just to test the shader features. I don’t have anything in the works right now as far as vector arcade art. If I end up doing anything it will be after I finish all the RA cores. (I have toyed with it and abandoned it for now.)

The vectrex will be released ASAP. (After I finalize my new presets. So after the new shader release.)

Keep in mind that a LOT has changed since October and I’m not even sure at this point if all the above features are still in the shader. (I think most of them are though. Specifically the cutout mask may not be exactly as I described.)


That did it :grin:

Congrats! The attention is much deserved. You’re doing great work. I recently learned that bezels adjust to fit the screen automatically when you straighten out the curvature and I’m really impressed. This shader seems to do everything.

Question: Is it possible to turn off or adjust the screen “glare”? I’m not sure what it’s called. I’ve included a picture. I’m referring to the hazy white reflection on the screen.


That can be turned off. Look for a setting that that goes something along the lines of “Tube highlight”. I don’t remember the exact name.


Man, you can adjust in:

[TUBE] Tube Glass Highlight Opacity (Image)

For flat panel bezel/background it really doesn’t make much sense to keep this effect so strong … :wink:


Agreed, it’s much better now. Thanks :grin:


good evening in fact one thing escapes me. following the release of the last retroarch, do you resort to a pack where the current one is still viable?

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I’m not sure if I understand your question…

The last released version of the shader still works on the latest retroarch.

When I update the shader package the old one will disappear. Although if anyone really wants the old one they can always get it from my Github

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Mega Bezel V 0.9.00 is up now!

Big Thanks to @Duimon, @TheNamec, @soqueroeu, @Orionsangel for all their feedback during our extended alpha period!!!

You can see the big list of updates in the message above, you’ll need the latest Retroarch to load the shader.


Congratulations! Thanks for all your efforts and hard work and whoever contributed. Now it’s time to dive into the greatness. Let the rock begins :metal:

Probably going to nudge you with some more question :grin:

Edit: Ah the whole folder structure has changed so I’ve got my answer :+1:


Wow!!! Thanks for your work mate!!! I will try all of them tonight on a Nvidia Shield.

Big thanks!!!


Wow! Since the folder structure doesn’t interfere with the old HSM shader folders I can keep the old version HSM along with the new version. So I’m still be able to use Duimon’s presets as well while testing your new shaders. That’s really great thinking :metal:

Also the new shader parameters reads way better now with grouping by feature set :+1:

@Duimon Does your update also going to use different folder structure to not interfere with the old presets and graphics? That would be really cool :grin:

@HyperspaceMadness I’ve tested the new preset now and it seems the new Advanced shader clamp fps to 50fps as if forcing fps lock :thinking:

  • Here is a few comparison screenshots from three different shader preset;

-0_Guest-DrVenom- preset from the previous HSM version running at 60fps

-Advanced- preset from the new HSM V 0.9.00 version running at 50fps

And this is the -Standard- preset from the new HSM V 0.9.00 version running at 60fps

I know the new Advanced shader is more demanding and has 31 shader passes in total instead of 27 from old version -0_Guest-DrVenom- which was the most demanding shader but was curious what could possibly locks fps to 50fps. Wouldn’t it has to be changing numbers if it was due to my hardware limitation? Btw, the issue is not only 50fps lock but audio is crackling too.

Ps: Oh, man! Now I see the fps counter is so tiny :man_facepalming:

I promise next time I’ll use RetroArch’s FPS counter.


Yes. My folder structure is also changing, although compatibility was not my motivation. While the old shader will run on 1.9.1 I’m fairly certain my presets will not.

I believe HSM and I were both just leveraging the new Simple Preset feature.:grin:


You’re welcome, let me know how it runs on the Nvidia Shield!

Ah, so that’s a happy accident, glad it’s helpful in the short term. @Duimon is redoing his presets for this new version so you should be able to transition to these soon.

There are some instructions in the ReadMe in the Mega_Bezel folder, but to test speed you will want to turn the frame rate display in RetroArch on, and then turn on fast forward (Spacebar)

One thing to be aware of is that the STANDARD preset is meant to be a replacement for the old most complete preset. The ADVANCED preset has an additional set of features to have more images and more flexible management of the images (Layer Order, Scaling, Placement, Masking). This is definitely more demanding on GPU.

Technically the STANDARD is a new preset, so if anyone notices any features that they used to use on the old full preset but are missing on the new STANDARD preset please let me know.