HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

You can probably replace this with a solid black *.png file. Other that there might also be an Opacity setting somewhere that controls it’s visibility.

Season’s Greetings! Since you’re here, what do you think of this? Does it pass your Pepsi challenge?


You can just set the Opacity of the Background image to 0, or swap the image with a new one.

You can do it this way, or through the UI HSM_BG_OPACITY = 0

Or you can use

HSM_GLOBAL_GRAPHICS_BRIGHTNESS = 0 to reduce the brightness of all the graphics down to 0

This is what you should use if you have one of these dim presets and you want to reduce the brightness of all the graphics.


If you don’t want to supply an image you can swap in one of the placeholder images that @HyperspaceMadness supplies with the shader. (i.e. “Placeholder_Black_16x16.png” or “Placeholder_Transparent_16x16.png”.)


The photos are quite blurry, can’t even really see the mask detail, so it’s hard to tell. These are low mask strength settings, though, so it’s not going to hold up in a close-up comparison. Also, with curvature you’re going to lose proper subpixel mapping.

The colors are a tad washed out/too bright compared to the PVM, but it’s really hard to judge these things by photos, could just be the camera doing that.

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Are these PVM bezels available somewhere??



Mega Bezel is updated to V 0.9.094 2021-12-27 Rev 1


  • Added Caching for the Debug Text so it won’t be so painfully slow
  • Add Dual Screen visibility param for tube effects for:
    • Screen Vignette
    • Monochrome
    • Colored Gel
    • Tube Reflection
    • Tube Diffuse
  • @cyber Updated Presets


Shader Package Approx. 15 MB

Extra Examples Package


  • You MUST use Retroarch Version 1.9.8 or Later (It will fail to load on earlier versions)
    • If you have previous versions of the Mega Bezel installed:
      • Delete the old Mega Bezel stuff from shaders/shaders_slang/bezel
    • Inside the .zip is a bezel folder, copy the bezel folder into your Retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang folder
      • The final path to the Mega bezel should be Retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel
    • Set video driver to Vulcan
      • It will run in GLCore but seems faster in Vulcan
    • Some users have run it successfully in D3D11 but with a slow load time
    • Set Video / Scaling / Aspect Ratio to Full
      • This will match your monitor aspect aspect ratio
    • Set Video / Scaling / Integer Scale to OFF
    • Set Video / Output / Rotation to Normal
    • Set Settings / Core / Allow Rotation to OFFImportant for FB Neo
    • Load a preset in the shaders menu, Mega Bezel shader presets are found in:
      • shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets
    • When you save a preset make sure you have the Simple Presets feature set to ON
      • This will save a preset with a reference to the preset you loaded plus whatever parameter changes you made
      • This will keep your presets loading properly when the shader updates in the future


Is it possible to make a pack that is compatible with RA on the Xbox Series X console, as they dont seem to work on the xbox atm??


Does the console support Vulkan? Try changing the driver to glcore.


Just for information, the very long loading times of the shaders with the Dx12 video driver are not shorter with the new version, I did not see any difference.


Yeah i tried change to glcore but or thought it appears to load the shader no effects are applied to the screen. Using DX11 or 12 just causes RA to hang when loading the shader

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Retroarch for the Xbox only supports DX11 as of now. No vulcan, etc.

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That’s a known issue. See here.

This is a known issue. It should finish loading eventually.

I left it for 15 minutes and still wasn’t loaded :rofl:

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It usually takes about 5 minutes for me but that is irrelevant, it is unusable.

Maybe @HyperspaceMadness can do some investigation in getting it to work in the future, but there are many more pressing adventures that will happen first.


Yeah that’s pretty much it. @Tromzy mentioned that it didn’t load any faster which is strange, because I reorganized the code so it actually has to compile less per pass now. So perhaps the problem isn’t even related to compiling.


The problem with the load times might just simply be with DirectX. I only say that because the GLCore and Vulcan both load fine.


@HyperspaceMadness can you specify if the problem with the Playstation Cores will be in the next update. I know it has been only a day since the last one. I am the type of person that likes being certain of things so I don’t have to wonder all the time.


What PlayStation core issue do you mean, the Tekken 3 and driver aspect ratio thing?


Yeah that was what I was talking about.