HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Yeah, you should totally use it if you can get something that looks good for you. You may want to double check if your video card or tv do the integer scaling.

At the end of the day though, if you like the picture then you’re good :wink:


While the Megatron set of shaders have shown me exactly how good a mask can look at 4k…

…I never had any complaints about the way @guest.r’s advanced looks at 1080.


I suspected Megatron would be reasonably hardy to moire because of how it breaks up the phosphors - theyre all quite far apart but it does look like your curvature is performing really quite well - really great work!

Also great photos - really show off your display showing Megatron. I think this will be a running theme for quite sometime with displays: more brightness!

I’ve yet to get this up and running on mine - hopefully I’ll get some time tomorrow!


Just one thing to note is that the gfx card/integrated GFX may not get stressed by integer upscaling because it’s so simple. It may not need to use the CUs/CUDA cores - probably something like the ROPs maybe able to do this themselves with very little overhead if any.


Doing a little fix to the 2D Curvature

No Curvature

old 2D Cylindrical Curvature

improved 2D Cylindrical Curvature

You can se the curve at the bottom corners isn’t quite right

3D Cylindrical Curvature (Uses code extracted from Royale) You can see the curve at the corners is more realistic

More extreme 3D Cylindrical Curvature, reducing the 3D View distance


I’m going to try swapping in Guest’s latest curvature (Right now the 2D curvature is using a very simple curvature from crt-pi), I think I hadn’t done this before because I thought I could use Torridgristle’s curvature which was super nice, but then I realized that it is discontinuous outside the tube area which is a deal breaker for the Mega Bezel since we use those coordinates for the bezel and reflection.


Definitely going to try this later tonight I think. I believe that the AMD Adrenaline software does have integer scaling as an option.


Greetings @HyperspaceMadness, it seems as if the default for HSM_CORE_RES_SAMPLING_MULT_SCANLINE_DIR has been changed from “100” in the old ADV to “500” in the new Smooth-ADV preset.

Not sure if this was intentional, just putting it out there just in case.

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Yup, that’s expected because since it’s now the smooth preset we expect to see the results of the smoothing without having to change any parameters.


Okay, thanks a lot. This affected the quality of my presets that didn’t have that parameter set explicitly and I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why they were looking they way they did until earlier today. The scanline spikes at the edges of some graphics returned and it broke my subtle Scale FX tweak.

Look out for some updates to my presets soon. I’ve also been experimenting with setting Phosphor Gamut to 0 and I’m in the process of overhauling my colour correction and gamma in most if not all if my presets.

Hopefully things should be more accurate, more consistent and generally better looking. I’m really liking what I’m seeing so far!

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What is the difference between the different presets (Smooth ADV, ADV, STD, Potato)? Also how do you remove the Bezels if you’re just interested in the presets?


The main difference is the computer horsepower required to run them well. The smooth has scale fx features that can “smooth” the look of the game.

The potato preset is just essentially an overlay using the scaling features to size the screen perfectly.

If you are just interested in the presets you will be better of using the Guest ADV standalone shader to avoid the Mega Bezel overhead.

With patience the Guest standalone can be customized to look like you wish.


They are different chains of shaders with varying levels of performance as well as shader options. With Smooth ADV having the most shaders and options and being the slowest performing to Potato having the least shaders and options but being the fastest performing.

I already showed you how to remove the bezels and use my presets. If you would like to use other presets that are not based on HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader then you can use the shaders separately in their native versions as opposed to versions which are integrated in HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader.

The HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader Presets won’t necessarily be compatible though although some aspects might work.


Well, I think the presets look a bit better than the CRT Guest advanced preset, and i’m not very good at configuring shaders myself.


HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader uses crt-guest-advance as its default shader. Which of the presets do you think looks “better” than CRT-Guest-Advance?

I’m asking this because there are presets from @Nesguy, as well as @Sonkun included in HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader which also have standalone CRT-Guest-Advance versions.

There’s also the new Sony Megatron Color Video Monitor Shader by @MajorPainTheCactus that you can try.

Has anyone got the Mega Bezel shaders working on the Xbox Series S? Or are aware of any similar shaders that the Series S supports?

Thank you.


My concern is if it supports the glcore or Vulkan video driver. If it does then it would probably work. I can find no info. :frowning_face:


Xbox only officially supports Direct3D as far as I know.

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This article…


…says the glcore driver is available on the XBOX One. I can’t find any info on the Series S.


Heya bezellers! I’d like to share the latest update for my Commodore Pack, hope everybody will enjoy big pixels retromadness with Commodore 64 and VIC20.

Mega Bezel Commodore Pack RC3 (April 16th, 2022)

Download link
New release for public testing, adding lots of blocky memories with Commodore64 and VIC20 packs. HAPPY EASTER BONUS: Amiga 1000 ambient preset and c264-series Commodore16.


  • Added COMMODORE 64 Silver label presets and original assets, the first model
  • Added COMMODORE 64 Breadbin presets and original assets, the real classic
  • Added COMMODORE 64 ALDI presets and original assets, cheap consumer edition
  • Added COMMODORE 64 DreanComm presets and original assets, with extra argentine flavor
  • Added COMMODORE 64 G Series presets and original assets, with additional german taste
  • Added VIC20 Gold label presets and original assets, first revision collector edition
  • Added VIC20 Mark2 presets and original assets, the most widespread model
  • Added VIC20 Mark3 presets and original assets, rainbow logo edition for Europe, Canada and Australia
  • Added VIC-1001 presets and original assets, first Japan-only edition
  • BONUS: Added AMIGA 1000 presets and original assets with a new experimental ‘ambient design’
  • BONUS: Added Commodore 16 presets and original assets, from c264-series


  • Added CURVED bezel presets to each display
  • Added FLAT bezel presets to each display
  • Added NORMAL SCALING presets, full display chassis visible
  • Added INTEGER SCALING preset, automatic display zoom for cleanest pixels and less artifacts


  • Revamped MEGA BEZELS presets for much nicer depth, realistic lightning and customized decals
  • Revamped DISPLAY presets for much nicer depth and better reflections
  • Refactored DISPLAY preset names for a clear separation of presets variations
  • Refactored FOLDER STRUCTURE for incoming future features :wink:
  • Updated BEZELTRON CRT-SERIES presets and assets in favor of real-life brands
  • Updated LO-FI MONOCHROME presets with tube texture to mimic phosphor surface
  • Updated LICENSE and WATERMARKS to Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 because of bad guys stealing my assets without permission


  • Updated MEGA BEZEL REFLECTION SHADER presets parameters to latest public MBR shader version
  • Updated AMIGA CD32 led assets for proper YELLOW cd-drive indicator
  • Updated MONITOR C1702 PRESETS NAMES typo C1072 -> C1702
  • Updated MONOCHROME PRESETS with better brightness, wider contrast and a subtle ‘matheric’ texture
  • Removed PERFORMANCE PRESETS as they are no longer needed (thanks to graphics caching)

Just 4k for now, the 1080p edition will follow soon.


Wow! Awesome update @TheNamec! You’ve been busy!