iMac 2007 "failed to open libretro core"

Did a lot of searching already but figured I’d had to ask since my setup is a bit odd. Booting the latest Lakka off of a USB drive on a 24" 2007 iMac with 3GB RAM, all is well and good except when I try load a game it gives me the lakka logo and boots back to the menu, and after downloading cores from buildbot, unzipping them and getting the info files with the corresponding folder locations specified in the settings, it just gives me “failed to open libretro core”. Everything appears in the menu just fine, it’s just when booting a game that it simply won’t work.

What am I missing here?

Really hope there’s a solution as I built a cab for this computer:

Appreciate the help!

Can you get a log of a failure?

Which cores did you download? Lakka usually comes with all of the cores that will work with it.

Hey! sure, will get a lot in a minute or two. I tried loading just some simple NES/SNES stuff. Reason I downloaded cores manually was because these would just boot me back to the menu.

edit: Right now it’s not wanting to connect to my home network for some reason, it was earlier… Going to do a fresh install just in case on a different drive.

Well, the USB drive was the point of failure it seems… dang that took me a while. I’ll delete the topic, thanks for the help though!

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You can leave the topic. It could be helpful for someone else with a bad USB drive in the future.

I’m glad you got it figured out :slight_smile: