Image-adjustment shader for vulkan (android)

Hey friends,

The image adjustment shader in GL renderer is amazing. I can fix my slight greenish tint of the phone’s screen so fast and smooth. Sadly, there’s nothing similar for Vulkan (or is it?). Can this shader or something similar, be made for Vulkan as well?

Thanks so much!

There is a slang version.

There is? I didn’t find it in my Retroarch’s shaders…I will look for ot in the repository.


There’s actually 2 flavors. This one, which is like the GLSL version:

and this one, which is more easily customized for people that don’t want all of the settings:


The img mod doesn’t work for me, when i activate it is says it can not be applied, but it turns out the image adjustment one was there all along, but compared to GL mode, i couldn’t place it first, only add it as an extra layer, after another shader was loaded (ex. ScaleFx). It works as intended this way!

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Hey hunter, a quick question for you: is there a “dilation” shader, or something similar for GL? I only found it in Vulkan - warp shaders, which seem to be completely missing in GL.