Image Adjustment shader question

With the image-adjustment shader, it can crop each side of the video by a percentage (0.00 to 1.00.)

But is there a way to modify the shader to crop by displayed pixels? Kinda like the Analogue NT or any of the newer ones. Where they can crop by any number of pixels.

I know some cores can crop, but only by a preset amount (like 8 or 16 pixels.) Which might not be good for games that may have borders inbetween those two values.

Yeah, this is a bit of a PITA currently. IMO, RetroArch should offer this option directly. It currently does have a crop option in the video settings, but it’s not configurable. It would be very nice if this option could be extended to offer “auto” (current behavior) and “manual” (configure two pixel amounts, vertical and horizontal.)

This would be immensely helpful, especially since it can get saved as a per-game override. Different games do need different cropping on retro consoles.