Image/Color Adjustment Shader?

I know what I’m about to ask about can be done with a few separate shaders, but I’d like an option where I only have to run 1 shader vs 2-3 shaders (even more so when the shaders overlap in what they do.)

Mainly I would like a shader that is a combination of image-adjustment and color-mangler, or at least functionally does what they both do (R.G.B. adjustment, Saturation, Contrast, Black Levels, X/Y Modifiers, Overscan.).

  • color-mangler’s R.G.B. per channel gamma, saturation, and color adjustments are amazing if something like this could be used for the base that would be great.

  • Contrast and brightness/lum control is important as well.

  • Really like the ability to adjust the black levels with black levels and bright boost in image-adjustment, these would be kind of nice to have.

  • The Overscan/XY Modifiers/XY Flip/Zoom/Etc. from image-adjustment is really great.(Granted parts of that I don’t regularly use; XY Flip, Zoom. I do use the Overscan and modifiers regularly though.)

This would be extremely helpful to me and other members of the forum that use both of these shaders to simplify our shader chains some.

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