Input mapping screwy on lakka pc


Since I’ve update lakka to 2.2.1 on my pc, my button mappings for FBA have been messed up. I’m using an Ipac2 for a dual joystick configuration and the button mappings I was previously using has changed with the update. Now even after configuring inputs, it shows it’s mapped correctly, but in-game, no matter how I map, buttons aren’t mapped correctly. For instance, in my street fighter mappings, my wp button becomes a mk button. Mp is hp, hp is lk. Lk is mp, mk is mp, and hk is the only button mapped correctly. Not sure what’s going on… this applies to both player 1 and 2. Deleted retroarch config file and restarted the mapping and settings config again, but the buttons continue to map as I’ve described. Anyone else having this issue?

So playing around with it tonight… it seems it’s mostly the FBA cores that won’t map correctly. For device input, I can set to 6buttons with Mame and everything works right. All I can choose is retropad or retropad w/analog with FBA… anyway to load Mame configs on FBA?