Installing Lakka on Ouya (fully replace of stock Android OS)

Hello folks,

this is my first post here. I have already searched the forum for a similar topic, but I wasn’t successful. If I missed something, please have mercy on me. :wink:

I stumbled across the following announcement:

I’m also an owner of an Ouya (baker edition) and I would like to completely replace the operating system. There are already some instructions in the web, but they only refer to modded Android or older Ubuntu versions (or even how to revive the Ouya store). But since the console has failed and the system is (officially) no longer maintained, I would love to turn the Ouya into a decent retro console. My preferred OS is of course Lakka, because it’s leightweight, resource friendly, community driven and I love the user interface. However, I’m a little cautious because I’ve read, that it is very easy to brick the Ouya.

Maybe I’m too impatient and something is already in the pipeline… When will Lakka include the new Linux kernel (from 5.11)? When can we expect support for the Ouya (Sorry if I ruin anyone’s surprise with this question)? Is there perhaps already a nightly build that can be tested?

I also would like to know if anyone has already had experience with certain Linux distros. Is there already a Linux distribution that fully support the Ouya ootb? Has anyone had experience with trying to install Linux / run it permanently (I don’t mean starting a live Linux via USB stick).

From a performance perspective, the Ouya with the nVidia Tegra3 should rank somewhere between the RPi3 and the RPi4. It only has 1GB of RAM and 8GB (respectively 16GB) of storage, but that should be more than sufficient at least for my purposes. I think the most challenging part will be to get the integrated Geforce GPU running… that would be exciting in any case. :wink:

With supposedly over 60000 units sold, hopefully I shouldn’t be alone with these questions. Of course, I want to avoid the worst pitfalls and hope that this thread will fill quickly with answers and help others playing around with the same idea.

Thank you for believing. :wink:

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None of the lakka dev team has the Ouya as far as i know. So support looks unlikely. Even with a mainline kernel supporting it we still need a working gpu driver though and i don’t think mesa supports the ouya.

Indeed, unfortunately open source tegra driver needs more work but they are making great progress ! You may try to use pmOS but you won’t have 3D acceleration and it is still work in progress.

Just misread the commits in github. There is a lot of movement but the drivers are still experimental. Sorry, I have complety mistaken that.

Feel free to take out the link to Youtube (Linus greeting to nvidia), if it is too critical. It just fit into the context. :wink:

If I can support you in future tests with my Ouya, just let me know!

Thank you for your fast response and your efforts! Must have hoped too much that things had changed after so many years.

I totally agree that everything depends on the GPU drivers. I just saw that at least the Grate drivers havn’t been developed/maintained for almost 3 years. It’s a pity that the support is still not yet given - but that’s what nVidia is known for and it’s a shame they’ve always shunned Linux so much and don’t support the community as much as they should.

Hope that will change soon - I’m still optimistic. :slight_smile:

BTW: I just realized that I tagged my post wrong. Is it possible to move it to “Lakka”?

hmm actually there is hope! but we dont have the hardware to work on. You have to find a developer that owns the ouya and is willing to port it to lakka


I also think OUYA is a good carrier for LAKKA, it comes with a wireless controller