Installing quake

I’m new to Lakka. I bought a raspberry pi 3 and I’m trying all types of games and systems. But the one thing I can’t figure out is how to install quake. I read I need tyrquake but that’s not just one file like the wads for doom.

tyrquake is the core, which you can use by going to ‘load core’ and selecting it. Once that’s done, go to ‘load content’ and choose the quake PAK(?) you want to play.

I thought I had to install something to get the paks to work. So I did what you said to do but I get a load failure message. Am I missing something?

you do need an exact version of quake paks, i read somewhere but i’m not able to find that information anymore. i had quake working in previous lakka 1.0, unfortunately i forgot i had it on emmc, so when i tried the lakka 2.0 distribution i deleted it. i remember i had hard times finding the working version!

Ok. One last question. Do I only need the correct paks to play quake? I know with doom, you only need the wads. Are there any other files that I need? It will make hunting for the right paks easier.

You need the id1 folder with PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK for a minimal working setup.

You can also add music and addons.

does anybody know what version of quake works for getting the full game to work? so far i have been able to make the shareware version only to work…

I believe that’s a bug. Try renaming it like the shareware file: “pak0.pak”.

that was a good idea but it did not work! THANK YOU!