Installing Syncthing

I have Lakka installed on my Switch, and I would like to install Syncthing. I tried using apt-get through SSH, but got an error that apt-get was not available for LibreELEC. I asked on the LibreELEC forums for help, but was directed here.

Is there any way to install Syncthing? I see that there is a way to install it on LibreELEC, but all of the documentation I’m finding seems to be directed to using the KODI frontend.

This is pretty important for me so that I can sync my saves and ROMs, since I play on a few different platforms.

I don’t know of any way to install additional software onto Lakka systems. I think if you need additional software you pretty much have to find a more general-purpose distro and just install RetroArch on top of it.

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Okay, I thought that since it was built on top of Linux that it would be possible. Thanks for clarifying.

No worries. Yeah, it’s linux, but it’s stripped down to just enough to run RetroArch, and then most of it is mounted read-only, so it’s very difficult to modify it at all.

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