Intel Compute Stick Wifi


Hey guys, successfully installed on my Intel Compute Stick. Been trying to initialize wifi, but it seems like the card isn’t recognized.

I thought there was support for the Realtek rtl8723bs? Any ideas?



Not yet, we need to package it.


Ah, I apologize, thought I saw it somewhere. Thanks!

If you guys get a chance, mind packaging the bluetooth driver for it too?

Many thanks!


Sorry to bump this, but was this ever implemented?


Not yet, please open an issue so that we don’t forget.


Please check this issue.


Has this been addressed yet?


Has this bug being fixed yet ??

I had just installed Lakka 2.1.1 onto my Intel Compute Stick STCK1A8LFC today and both wifi and bluetooth aren’t working

without wifi , i can’t ssh into lakka and mount my sd card as another directory i think

without bluetooth, i can’t make my controllers work via bluetooth too


Please check this issue.

Thank you.