Intel GPU performance on 2k+ laptops?

Anyone have experience with how laptop Intel GPUs (UHD 620, Iris variants) perform shader-wise with 2k displays and above? Thinking about getting a used 16:10 or 3:2 one. E.g a convertible Surface 2 would be nice, but the UHD 620 only variants need to deal with a 3000x2000 pixels screen.

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I guess very similar to a standard 4k display as cropping is more or less happening horizontally. If a shader runs like 250fps on a 1080p then it should do also well with 2000p.

A good solution for more demanding shaders would be to set the resolution to 1500x1000 if it’s possible and use the intel’s ‘integer scaling’ feature, so pixels wouldn’t get a linear or similar gpu or display scaling.

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Afaik those integrated GPUs differ in their performance not only by type, but other factors (hardware RAM,whatever), so it’s not entirely clear to me how valid comparisions are with, say, desktops. Although looking at the benchmarks, the integrated GPU I have on my desktop is close to the UHD 620, so it’s probably sufficient if I test that with the 4K TV sometime and add some performance buffer.

As for scaling, don’t I forego the benefit of higher resolution then? This isn’t really the scenario I’d want. Although you’re right that shaders would usually not apply to the entire resolution anyway when integer scaled. Eg. 2560x1920 for 640x480 content.

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I got a deal for Surface Laptop 2. That means Intel UHD 620 for 13.5 inch 2256x1504. That was definitely the safer option than a Surface Book. It’s ok for the most part for my RA shader needs, but you have to make compromises especially for 3D cores. Probably will also run into trouble when using Reshade for old PC games. That’s a bit of a bummer, since I would like to use the Guest Masks.

On the other hand, that kind of high res screen at that size with reasonable brightness is great. Now something like Lottes 4 looks much better than on my monitor, and the size is about what monitors were back in the 80s/early 90s.