Interlaced SVGA CRT setup

Hi I have been messing with Lakka for a while, and wanted to change from my S-Video display to my SVGA one.

I reinstalled from scratch onto my x86 optiplex (which ran everything fine on my trinitron) with ATI 4670 gpu (s-video and vga outputs which is nice)

When I try out my CRT I get this kind of thing:

BIOS and other OS look fine on this display, but Lakka does something weird! It is like the interlace is out of phase with the viewport.

My first instinct is to go into xrandr and try out different video modes for VGA-1 in the boot loader… But Lakka doesn’t use X? How do I approach debugging this?

Edit: I notice I get the same thing when going above 800x600 in XP, so I think if I force to 800x600 it will resolve it.

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