Is there a Curvature effect shader?

I found a nice shader for arcade games called “dotmask” and looks pretty close to my arcade CRT. However, i miss the curvature effect of crt-geom that i had previously.

Isn’t there a simple curvature shader like this that i can add to whatever scanline effect i chosen? I also like the smooth corner effect crt-geom had. But i didn’t like it’s scanlines as much.

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Curvature and scanline effects aren’t things you can mix and match, unfortunately. If you add curvature on its own with scanlines in a later pass, it will look very chunky (with nearest neighbor scaling) or very very blurry (with linear scaling). You can mess with the scale of the curvature, but that will break your scanlines. If you put the scanlines first, the subsequent curvature causes horrible moire.

The ewa-curvature shader in the antialiasing directory is meant to address the moire caused by adding curvature over scanlines, but it’s far from perfect.

Furthermore, mask effects have to be included in the scaling step, so the same ones from dotmask are included in the ewa-curvature shader.

Which shader do you like the scanlines from?