Is there a nice way to switch the refresh-rate?

hello, i want to play my PAL Games with native 50Hz Video Output. For now i have to click the refresh rate button over 10 billion times until it reached the 50 Hz (changed from default 60 Hz). The Steps are painfully small (0.001 Hz per Click ) Is there a way to SWITCH 50Hz — > 60Hz ----> 50Hz more comfortable ?

You can make a core cfg or game override and add

video_refresh_rate = “50.0”

to that file (in your config folder, core folder name).

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thank you , but if i use a core-override than all games are 50 Hz output (not only the PAL-Games) !?

creating game-overrides sucks in this case (because i have thousands of PAL Games in my Libary… )

is there another way to do it simple and comfortable ?

Not in retroarch. You can always do a batch that will change your cfg…

But yeah, not the best. That’s why I suggested an option to make games directly send their framerate to that monitor refresh rate setting.

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nearly every stand-alone emu for homeconsoles and computers has such a feature (few of them has completly auto-detect/setup for framrate and video-out refreshrate). Is there really no way to switch between 50/60 Hz over quickmenu or mainsettings ?

Typically, the cores will automatically switch to 50 hz and RetroArch will stop trying to force 60 fps vsync if it’s outside of its syncing range (it will say something about this in the log).

i have with my lakka setup on Pal-Games 50 FPS internal but the Videosignal is ~60 Hz until i change that in the video-settings. On some Systems it doesn’t matters (actual Framerate on PS1 or N64 Games are mostly under 20-30 FPS) but Systems like C64/Amiga have ugly microstuttering on it (not to bad, but is anoying to me on faster games like Turrican 1-3)

the “microstuttering” can be seem clearly on the title-screen on Giana Sisters for C64 (PAL Version).

Try disabling vsync and using only audio sync.

Switching v-sync on/off is not “nice”, i think… but i will give a try, thank you very much

Can you elaborate about microstuttering ? because with vice on linux x64 i don’t heard it with GS.

RetroArch [INFO] :: [Video]: Timings deviate too much. Will not adjust. (Display = 59.00 Hz, Game = 50.00 Hz)

have you set in vice GUI menu model to C64C PAL ? so it must run a 50fps if set to C64C NTSC it will run at 60fps.

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hard to explain for me exactly - my english is sadly not the best. But here is the short-version of my results: RA-osd-fps meter shows 50 fps (gamespeedwise no problem so far) but native 50 Hz Output is not available and my TV shows RA only with 60 Hz instead (until i change it manually in video settings … from ~60Hz to 50Hz in painfull 0.001 Hz nano-steps) core overrides are not suited for this case because the ntsc games and game override is massive ammount of work on bigger libarys.

I will try around with the v-sync setting as hunterk mentioned (this sounds simple and comfortable). if it works for me my question was answered.

I have an m16 tv box with retroarch installed, I realized that after opening the first time the system as the TV box, the FPS drops from 60 to 30FPS for all n64 games. This is very weird. Somehow the FPS is defaulted by the Andriod system of the TV BOx instead of the retroarch settings. Do you have any thought on how I can overwrite or default Frame throttle as it was oroginally to 60FPS?

If you have vsync enabled but can’t maintain 60 fps, it often drops down to 30 fps. If you disable vsync and audio sync, how fast does it go?

over 300fps with audio not synced.

I did have a setting where it would render 170fps average and display it at 60fps. How do I find this setting again?

Maybe ‘threaded video’ in settings > video?

That setting isn’t usually preferred, but if you’re getting weird behavior without it, it’s better than nothing.

All EU and JAP games are PAL?

Japan and US used the NTSC standard. Most everywhere else is PAL.

I added that line to a game’s config file but it had no effect.

How do I add this setting per game exactly?