Is there a shader that *just* does curvature?

For use with other shaders? I find tacking on crt-geom to the NTSC shaders, for example, either makes the picture darker or this weird purple shade depending on where I put it. It also does scanlines and other things that I find to be redundant when using it with other shaders.

yes and no. You can take the curvature code from crt-lottes and use it on its own but it’s not antialiased that way, so it looks really bad. The best way to do it is probably to take dave j’s crt-pi (not available in Cg format, unfortunately; only glsl and slang) and disable everything but the curvature. It will antialias everything properly that way.

Hmm, is slang vulkan-only currently? I tried the slang-shaders stuff and got a black screen. I’m using amd/mesa.

Yes, slang shaders only work with settings > driver > video driver set to vulkan.

This is old thread but thanks… I was going nuts trying to find a good vector shader with curvature. I would have used HSM bezels but the specs on the machine aren’t quite up to it. This solution works great.