Is there a way to set aspect-ratio per-rom?

Wipeout 3 on the PS1 has a widescreen mode where it renders a 16:9 image instead of a 4:3 image - no black bars, just compressed horizontally. If you override the aspect ratio, it looks perfect! But that also impacts all of my other PS1 rips, which look like crap because they’re not meant to be stretched onto a 16:9 screen.

How do I set a ROM-specific config on just Wipeout 3 so I can get it running in 16:9 mode without messing up the config on all of my PS1 rips?

Run your game, make your changes and than save overrides:

Quick Menu
    └ Overrides
        └ Save *** Overrides

Where *** can be

  • Core
  • Content Directory
  • Game

Hmmm can this be done per core as well?

@ohmycommodore yep, sure can :slight_smile:

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Geez I read it twice and still missed it :slight_smile:


Okay, this is weird, I don’t have the “overrides” option. I’m sure I saw it when I first set this up. What could make “overrides” go away?

It’s possible to hide it in settings > user interface > views > quick menu, but that’s pretty hard to do accidentally.

Lakka hides the override quick menu items by default.


Ahah! That’s what I was missing.

Okay, it works great now. I feel like there needs to be a consolidation of this stuff - Retroarch seems to have 3 or 4 different overlapping “save config for this rom/folder/core/global” things, between the Rebinds and the Core Settings save and the system-wide settings and all of that each having their own Save menu items.

The idea is: “you save them where you set them” for the most part. In the case of the overrides, it’s in the quick menu, since you have to have content loaded to make them.

I think it would be more cumbersome if there were a central location that you needed to navigate to in order to save whatever thing you had just set.

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I get that - there’s always the question of whether to explain “how the thing actually works” to the user or just give the user convenient shortcuts. After all, it’s a complicated matrix - realistically there’s 3 different kinds of config that we’re expecting to save (RetroArch-wide settings, Core-specific settings, and Core input rebindings) and 4 different strata to locate those settings (Global, Core, Directory, and ROM). So any option would be a bit confusing to present those 12 possible combinations to the user would be a little hairy.

It’s just that the chosen solution just feels… messy?

You left out core options (.opt files) and shader presets too… indeed things can get out of hand rather quickly.

It does seem messy, however with the depth of options available, I see no other way around this.

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