Is there a way to update Lakka 2.3.1 to the latest nightly build

I saw that there was a new nightly build released today. Is it possible to update my current Lakka to this built and if it is possible, how?

You can by doing the update manually

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I tried Lakka 2.3.1 and the latest nightly build, as well as those PR-builds on a standard PC with a Pentium G3220, as well as on a Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 2. WiFi is unstable on a standard PC and on Raspberry Pi 2 with Edimax WiFi adapter EW-7811UN. WiFi connection on Lakka 2.3.1 only display WiFi networks with scrambled name, on a Raspberry Pi 3, WiFi works flawlessly. On the latest nightly builds and PRs, WiFi network names are no longer scrambled, but connection is lost after reboot of Lakka. I read that WiFi component will be replaced in Retroarch? Is that correct? Furthermore I would like to know, if it does make more sense to use a Core i5 QuadCore-CPU instead of a Pentium CPU or does it make more sense to use an Nvidia card, instead of the Intel HD GFX device integrated in the CPU? Does Lakka (or Retroarch) make big use of Nvidia cards or does this apply only to the Vulkan build? Is it possible to choose the right audio device in the PC build of Lakka, so that HDMI audio is used, instead of another device or is it necessary to choose the right audio device by configuring Lakka via PuTTY?

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I’m also a Lakka PC user, so I’ll do my best to answer as many of your questions as I can.

My specs: Core i7-6700T quad core @ 2.8GHz 4GB RAM 256 GB SSD

In my personal experience, the iGPU (HD 530 Graphics) of my i7 was better performing than the GTX960 I had in my other PC. This was a result of a generic “nouveau” driver being used on the Nvidia card vs the much better GL driver with the iGPU. In this particualr instance, YMMV, simply based on compatibility. The Lakka website still recommends using Intel iGPUs, but I’m not sure how much that holds true today. There exists Vulkan specific builds of Lakka, which make better use of Nvidia GPUs, but not all cores use Vulkan, so you’d be missing out on things like Dreamcast. With my build, I have no problem running everything from Atari and NES up to Dreamcast and even Saturn. I would imagine the i5 you have would be better than the Pentium, but only for 3D games. You’d probably not notice any difference otherwise.

Wifi is also hit and miss. The integrated Wifi on one PC I have works perfect, where on my laptop I get the same scrambled mess you do. I have found that Netgear USB Wifi adapters work great as an alternative, tested across multiple PCs and adapters. Amazon has these super cheap nowadays.

For audio, in the settings tab under the audio section, towards the bottom is the option to choose the audio device. Use left and right to cycle between options available. You’ll see choices like sysdefault:CARD=PCH, front:CARD=PCH,DEV=0, hdmi:CARD=PCH, HDMI 1, etc. the hdmi:CARD choices are the ones you want. If you have multiple HDMI out ports and aren’t sure which one is which, cycle between them and reboot Retroarch then load a game. If it doesn’t work, choose another until it does.

Hope this helps.

I’ll add that getting HDMI audio might require to change the audio driver first.