Is there some way to replicate RF-switch interference on NES games?

Hey fellows, I have a NES 001 model from 1985 that I have used since decades and always had this type of “noise” or “interference” within the pixels that I have managed to see (if ever exists) within RetroArch.

Three videos with my little camera to show a little bit how the game is permanently getting this “noise” effect within the game pixels that not sure you can get for other consoles. I used to have a SegaGenesis connected through the sega RF-switch but can’t remember if looked similar to this. Still, it had this very noticeable interference that was even harder to see the proper game rather than just the blurry looking from Composite video.

videos 1,2,3:

I have noticed there’re several shader/presets to emulate Composite or S-Video looking for games but very little to check the RF-switch looking. The Blargg Composite video filter still doesn’t manage to give the complete experience that gives the NES games to me with the massive noise, blurry-looking for pixels and specially, the Rainbow banding that is sort of noticeable within the “noise” that is permanently moving through the screen “noise”.

Is there some way to get this effect applied for NES games ?

There’re certainly some presets like GTU050 which have this " noise " option but doesn’t remotely gives something like what I experience through the real NES console.

Blargg composite filter somewhat compensates the rainbow banding in certain places but what I think is the most noticeable from RF connection is this permanent noise that I haven’t ever seen either on Composite, S-Video or RGB.

As far as I’m aware, RF-switch is supposed to give the very worst type of video quality. And even then, I managed to find very little related to this type of connection through the many shader/presets available.

Edit: Oh and from the video records, this TV used for it is just a flat screen from 2013 on 16:9 aspect ratio

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The only shader I can think of is the crt-guest-advanced-ntsc shader. Go to the parameters and change the NTSC Preset to 2.00 and the NTSC Phase to 2. If that’s not enough you can customize the RF look further by changing the NTSC Preset to -1.00 then cranking up both the NTSC Custom Fringing Value/NTSC Custom Artifacting Value to your liking.


Dunno about the Rainbow banding, but you can also increase the noise in Blarrg’s custom filter. Given how flexible it is, you could also try out Mame’s HLSL NTSC again, the default values are already supposed to be derived from the NES.

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i dont know if there may be needed some specific game to test or some other preset value to be changed but I have tweaked those 3 features multiple times and I see no difference at all: NTSC Preset + NTSC Custom Fringing Value + NTSC Custom Artifacting Value

Either way, this is just an experimental preset tweaked from crt guest advanced I did. This is somehow similar to what I can experience on flat screen HD with the RF-switch and NES.

composite video filter from Blargg enabled + Palette option is FBx NTSC hardware

*The start of preset shaders address just depend on where are set your current crt guest advanced shaders.

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I tested your preset and yeah it’s definitely noisy. Maybe try changing to phase 3 instead of 2, I think phase 3 is what the nes originally ran off of. Other than those tweaks I’m not sure what other shader can bring you to the look you want

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RF is pretty much Composite-blurry looking + Rainbow banding + Noticeable (not necessarily massive) noise. The noise itself make me seeing the three main colors: red + blue + green being alternated between each other within small trace of pixels across the screen. It’s just like if you had those 3 colors being animated by the game, but I certainly think is because the noise… Still, I couldn’t notice it at least on Kirby’s Adventure just like I do on the real console.

What I noticed is that there’s no presets for RF, even though I read around that RF-switch used to be the main type of connection you got by DEFAULT with old consoles like Nintendo or Sega Genesis.

The noise available here (that can be altered by size on the options too) is definetely not the same or similar looking like on the console but at least somehow gives the interference that it should have RF-switch connection.

I just wished this crt-guest advanced stuff that I see it’s still currently maintained that could have somehow better ways to control the noise and Rainbow banding.

I don’t have posession of some way to record the whole screen to see, because in camera recording I checked that look terribly. It’s certainly way more detailed in first person view. Thanks for the suggestion, still bud.