It's Squabblin' Time! dry vs blurry edition

I think 3-4 screenshots is enough to get the point across.

Not today man… Not getting into it with you about anything today just keep on scrolling

Well aren’t we in a pissy mood this morning.

Seriously, who else posts this many screenshots in a single post? I believe Hunter actually suggested a 3-4 screenshot maximum a while back. It’s a pain to scroll through all of this.

Not at all, you can just be really annoying at times with your comments

You guys need to chill out.

EDIT: it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but yeah, 3-4 shots and a link to an album is good, I think. We get excited about our work and it can be hard to pin down a representative set, I understand.


I’m not even gonna entertain that clown. Everytime I post up this guy comes out of no where with something slick to say. I never comment when he post screenshots cause his shaders are not my style, I just keep on scrolling. This guy needs to learn to do that as well. And no problem I’ll cut the pics down going forward

So there should be no criticism of your work, only praise. Noted.

Personally, I like it when people critique my work because I want to improve.

I always suggest you to put your twist on it and show me how you think it should be with some pics/settings, you always dodge that but fast to run your mouth. This thread is about “showing off” Show me what you think looks good then is what I been saying to you for months

My mother used to tell me: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

I think constructive criticism can be positive, but one man’s critique is another man’s attack. It can be a tightrope providing feedback without stepping on anyone’s toes and it seems you guys have a mismatch in where that line falls. Just try to be aware of each other’s feelings moving forward.


I value truth more than other people’s feelings, but I understand most people are not like that. I’ll do my part to keep the peace. Thanks for all the things you do, this place wouldn’t be the same without you.

@sonkun I’ll tone it down for you, I didn’t realize my comments were annoying you so much.


The reason I have not bothered much with Sonkun’s settings is that I agree with the widely repeated sentiment that a convincing slot mask simulation will require 4K+ and HDR.

It’s not possible, afaik, to get this mask bright enough on an SDR display without an insane amount of bloom. Real CRTs do not have this much bloom. This much bloom causes the mask to completely vanish as the colors get brighter. The result is something which is noticeably different from how a CRT works even at normal viewing distances. White on a CRT is made of 100% red, 100% blue, 100% green. In fact, the “mask strength” on a real CRT increases with brighter colors.

Another problem is the low resolution being used- at 1080p you have to use 6x scale to get a minimum of 1-2 triads per picture line (measuring vertically), which is the minimum on a slot mask CRT. Obviously, this crops too much of the image.

Yet another problem is the edges, dear lord. Good luck fixing that…

And of course when we move beyond screenshots to what this looks like IRL, the problems multiply…

People have different priorities, though, and they should just do whatever makes them happy.

So 2 hours later this is what you come back to say, a wall of text about you going into detail on how it’s not convincing enough to you when I explained to you a thousand times before I’m not shooting for anything “accurate”, it’s like you don’t read or something. You do know we been having this discussion for months now right? You typed all of that to say WHAT in the end, to just “do what makes me happy”? If that’s all you have to say then you typed all of that for no reason cause I been doing things my way.

But let’s talk for once, no suggestions on what to tweak? What would you tweak to make things look better on 1080p? You mentioned too much glow once. Talk to me nesguy, if you want we can even go to pm so we don’t clog up the thread with this back and forth nonsense.

Yes, I spent about 2 hours playing with those settings, keeping the mask type but changing a lot of other things.

To restate in terms that have nothing to do with “accuracy”:

-When the mask texture is lost over highlights, it makes them seem overly blurry to me. The mask is necessary to restore some sharpness to the image after it’s been blurred.

-I think scanlines make the image look better. I think the gaps between picture lines tricks the brain into seeing a smoother-looking image

-Too much glow/halation, IME, causes eye strain

-certain masks patterns cause very bad artifacts when the screen is in motion

-At a certain point too much noise/artifacting in the image can be visually distracting and detract from the pixel art

-An overly blurry image causes small details to be lost. Of course, the whole composite video thing complicates this somewhat. In general, I prefer RGB for everything unless the pixel art uses composite video tricks.

But, basically, I really like the way CRTs look and so more accurate = looks better, at least to me /shrug

shaders = "17"
shader0 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/stock.slang"
filter_linear0 = "false"
wrap_mode0 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input0 = "false"
alias0 = ""
float_framebuffer0 = "false"
srgb_framebuffer0 = "false"
scale_type_x0 = "source"
scale_x0 = "1.000000"
scale_type_y0 = "source"
scale_y0 = "1.000000"
shader1 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/stock.slang"
filter_linear1 = "false"
wrap_mode1 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input1 = "false"
alias1 = "StockPass"
float_framebuffer1 = "false"
srgb_framebuffer1 = "false"
scale_type_x1 = "source"
scale_x1 = "1.000000"
scale_type_y1 = "source"
scale_y1 = "1.000000"
shader2 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/afterglow0.slang"
filter_linear2 = "true"
wrap_mode2 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input2 = "false"
alias2 = "AfterglowPass"
float_framebuffer2 = "false"
srgb_framebuffer2 = "false"
scale_type_x2 = "source"
scale_x2 = "1.000000"
scale_type_y2 = "source"
scale_y2 = "1.000000"
shader3 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/grade/pre-shaders-afterglow-grade.slang"
filter_linear3 = "true"
wrap_mode3 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input3 = "false"
alias3 = "PrePass0"
float_framebuffer3 = "false"
srgb_framebuffer3 = "false"
scale_type_x3 = "source"
scale_x3 = "1.000000"
scale_type_y3 = "source"
scale_y3 = "1.000000"
shader4 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/ntsc/ntsc-pass1.slang"
filter_linear4 = "false"
wrap_mode4 = "clamp_to_border"
frame_count_mod4 = "2"
mipmap_input4 = "false"
alias4 = ""
float_framebuffer4 = "true"
srgb_framebuffer4 = "false"
scale_type_x4 = "source"
scale_x4 = "4.000000"
scale_type_y4 = "source"
scale_y4 = "1.000000"
shader5 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/ntsc/ntsc-pass2.slang"
filter_linear5 = "true"
wrap_mode5 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input5 = "false"
alias5 = ""
float_framebuffer5 = "false"
srgb_framebuffer5 = "false"
scale_type_x5 = "source"
scale_x5 = "0.500000"
scale_type_y5 = "source"
scale_y5 = "1.000000"
shader6 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/custom-fast-sharpen.slang"
filter_linear6 = "true"
wrap_mode6 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input6 = "false"
alias6 = "NtscPass"
float_framebuffer6 = "false"
srgb_framebuffer6 = "false"
scale_type_x6 = "source"
scale_x6 = "1.000000"
scale_type_y6 = "source"
scale_y6 = "1.000000"
shader7 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/convert-ntsc.slang"
filter_linear7 = "true"
wrap_mode7 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input7 = "false"
alias7 = ""
float_framebuffer7 = "false"
srgb_framebuffer7 = "false"
scale_type_x7 = "source"
scale_x7 = "0.500000"
scale_type_y7 = "source"
scale_y7 = "1.000000"
shader8 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/stock.slang"
filter_linear8 = "true"
wrap_mode8 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input8 = "true"
alias8 = "PrePass"
float_framebuffer8 = "false"
srgb_framebuffer8 = "false"
scale_type_x8 = "source"
scale_x8 = "1.000000"
scale_type_y8 = "source"
scale_y8 = "1.000000"
shader9 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/avg-lum-ntsc.slang"
filter_linear9 = "true"
wrap_mode9 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input9 = "true"
alias9 = "AvgLumPass"
float_framebuffer9 = "false"
srgb_framebuffer9 = "false"
scale_type_x9 = "source"
scale_x9 = "1.000000"
scale_type_y9 = "source"
scale_y9 = "1.000000"
shader10 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/linearize-ntsc.slang"
filter_linear10 = "true"
wrap_mode10 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input10 = "false"
alias10 = "LinearizePass"
float_framebuffer10 = "true"
srgb_framebuffer10 = "false"
scale_type_x10 = "source"
scale_x10 = "1.000000"
scale_type_y10 = "source"
scale_y10 = "1.000000"
shader11 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/gaussian_horizontal.slang"
filter_linear11 = "true"
wrap_mode11 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input11 = "false"
alias11 = ""
float_framebuffer11 = "true"
srgb_framebuffer11 = "false"
scale_type_x11 = "absolute"
scale_x11 = "640"
scale_type_y11 = "source"
scale_y11 = "1.000000"
shader12 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/gaussian_vertical.slang"
filter_linear12 = "true"
wrap_mode12 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input12 = "false"
alias12 = "GlowPass"
float_framebuffer12 = "true"
srgb_framebuffer12 = "false"
scale_type_x12 = "absolute"
scale_x12 = "640"
scale_type_y12 = "absolute"
scale_y12 = "480"
shader13 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/bloom_horizontal.slang"
filter_linear13 = "true"
wrap_mode13 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input13 = "false"
alias13 = ""
float_framebuffer13 = "true"
srgb_framebuffer13 = "false"
scale_type_x13 = "absolute"
scale_x13 = "640"
scale_type_y13 = "absolute"
scale_y13 = "480"
shader14 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/bloom_vertical.slang"
filter_linear14 = "true"
wrap_mode14 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input14 = "false"
alias14 = "BloomPass"
float_framebuffer14 = "true"
srgb_framebuffer14 = "false"
scale_type_x14 = "absolute"
scale_x14 = "640"
scale_type_y14 = "absolute"
scale_y14 = "480"
shader15 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/crt-guest-advanced-ntsc.slang"
filter_linear15 = "true"
wrap_mode15 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input15 = "false"
alias15 = ""
float_framebuffer15 = "true"
srgb_framebuffer15 = "false"
scale_type_x15 = "viewport"
scale_x15 = "1.000000"
scale_type_y15 = "viewport"
scale_y15 = "1.000000"
shader16 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/deconvergence-ntsc.slang"
filter_linear16 = "true"
wrap_mode16 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input16 = "false"
alias16 = ""
float_framebuffer16 = "false"
srgb_framebuffer16 = "false"
scale_type_x16 = "viewport"
scale_x16 = "1.000000"
scale_type_y16 = "viewport"
scale_y16 = "1.000000"
g_crtgamut = "0.000000"
g_vignette = "0.000000"
quality = "-1.000000"
SHARPEN = "1.000000"
CONTR = "0.250000"
blendMode = "2.000000"
GAMMA_INPUT = "2.400000"
SIGMA_VB = "0.750000"
glow = "0.050000"
bloom = "1.000000"
brightboost = "2.999999"
brightboost1 = "3.000000"
gsl = "1.000000"
beam_min = "1.500000"
beam_size = "1.000000"
scans = "1.500000"
spike = "1.000000"
h_sharp = "5.999998"
s_sharp = "1.000000"
ei_limit = "0.500000"
sth = "0.000000"
BLOOM = "3.000000"
warpX = "0.040000"
warpY = "0.050000"
csize = "0.115000"
shadowMask = "10.000000"
maskstr = "1.000000"
mcut = "1.000000"
mask_layout = "1.000000"
mask_gamma = "2.399999"
slotmask = "1.000000"
slotmask1 = "1.000000"
slotwidth = "4.000000"
double_slot = "2.000000"
mclip = "0.000000"
gamma_out = "2.400000"
deconrry = "0.500000"
deconrby = "-0.500000"
decons = "2.000000"
noiseresd = "1.000000"
post_br = "1.100000"
textures = "SamplerLUT1;SamplerLUT2;SamplerLUT3;SamplerLUT4"
SamplerLUT1 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/lut/trinitron-lut.png"
SamplerLUT1_linear = "true"
SamplerLUT1_wrap_mode = "clamp_to_border"
SamplerLUT1_mipmap = "false"
SamplerLUT2 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/lut/inv-trinitron-lut.png"
SamplerLUT2_linear = "true"
SamplerLUT2_wrap_mode = "clamp_to_border"
SamplerLUT2_mipmap = "false"
SamplerLUT3 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/lut/nec-lut.png"
SamplerLUT3_linear = "true"
SamplerLUT3_wrap_mode = "clamp_to_border"
SamplerLUT3_mipmap = "false"
SamplerLUT4 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/lut/ntsc-lut.png"
SamplerLUT4_linear = "true"
SamplerLUT4_wrap_mode = "clamp_to_border"
SamplerLUT4_mipmap = "false"

@Sonkun You do what you need to do and maintain that sense of positivity and joy in what you do. In this world we have all sorts of people and not everyone cares if they are happy or not or if they make others unhappy or not. We just have to learn to not allow them to kill the joy that is the very reason why we are doing this in the first place.

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Absolutely. I’m eating right now but I see my number 1 fan up there actually posted up some settings for once so I’ll be trying it out soon and will be getting back to him in a few minutes after I see how it looks

I think 1440p is enough for a very grungy slotmask, but you still need HDR.

Here’s a photo of the screen, faking 1440p with 6x scale at 1080p:

I think it’s surprisingly realistic, at least where the photo is blurred enough that the pixel grid isn’t visible, and of course the pixel grid wouldn’t be as visible if this was actually a 1440p screen instead of a crappy work monitor.

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So THIS is the @Nesguy experience? I realize what it is I don’t like about your style. You produce such dry looking shaders even with your own aperture grille shader presets. This is essentially my preset tweaked in your vision but I felt like turning the game off after a few seconds of using your preset, it’s boring looking to me with no style or life, just looks and feel dry and lifeless. Reminds me of those pre built in scanline filters that come with any cheap emulator you can get in the Google Play store.

At least the moire goes away when I turn on integer scaling:

For all the moaning you’ve been typing to me I expected something that would blow my mind, who knows maybe other users will like it, it’s just not for me though. The only thing I’ll take away from that which I already mentioned to you is that I’ll work on the glow next time I update my presets, or maybe I won’t who knows.

In the end we just both like different styles that’s what it comes down to. I thank you for finally showing me results instead of just talking but that was my criticism to you.

Nah it’s still there it’s just more in the corners now :joy:.

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I was going to go on a cork sniffing rant about presets being too far in both directions, then was like no body is actually going tgaf so nah lol. (Plus I haven’t tried anyone’s presets since my PC died so my opinion is moot ATM; so it’s been multiple months)

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Cork sniffing lol, yeah you need to get a new pc asap man, I’ve learned things from your insight as well since I been here. But yeah you see this craziness here, I’m going to make sure I hold on to those screenshots everytime this guy come talking his crap about accuracy or whatever, I feel offended I even wasted my time on this dude after seeing that, crazy lol