I've ported Guest-Dr-Venom to ReShade!

Thanks! Both KoF and SoR use Kurozumi’s preset in the first post.

I tried to add your UI update, but it doesn’t seem to work with negative values (like -1 in ShadowMask)! So, I left it as it is to keep all the values same between RetroArch and ReShade. That way it will be easy for everyone to replicate any Guest-Dr-Venom preset included in RA or the many user made presets available here in these forums.

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Thanks for the answer. It’s disappointing though.

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This is so cool… thanks a lot @DevilSingh!

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I know this may seem tangential, but… somebody ported GTU to Reshade many moons ago, and while that was cool and all, it seems the versions of Reshade that fixed compatibility with PCSX2 also just happened to break compatibility with that shader…

I guess what I’m asking is, is there any interest in re-porting GTU?

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You mean this port. Right? Just tested and it works for me. No issues.

Woww, impressive man cool

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Huh. Must be just PCSX2 then. Activating GTU in a recent build of PCSX2 (OGL) immediately crashes the emu, at least for me.

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A broken/bad shader won’t crash apps like PCSX2. The most it would do is throw an error in ReShade’s logs.

I tested GTU with PCSX2 (OGL) and PPSSPP (all of OGL/DX11/DX9). No problems.

There’s definitely something wrong with either your PCSX2 or ReShade setup.

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You know what? You got me thinking, and I never ever even considered that my .ini file could be messing with just that one shader, but it did! Just deleted that sucker and all’s well.

Sorry for the trouble. :slight_smile:

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Just some PCSX2 shots from the updated CRT-Geom port using Gaussian scanlines.

1x Internal Res (No shaders) :

1x Internal Res (CRT-Geom) :

SF III Third Strike :


Tekken 5 (8x Internal Res) :

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