Just a mask?


I’ve been playing around a lot with making my own CRT shader presets, and while I’ve made some things I like the look of I can’t find anything I can add that is ‘just’ a mask like a shadowmask or dotmask.

Is there a shader I can lay on top of my preset to just add a mask?


there’s a single-pass shader (i.e., not a preset) in crt/shaders called ‘dotmask’. There’s also torridgristle’s blendoverlay shader (slang only for the moment) that can put mask LUTs over the image.


So dotmask seems to do what I was thinking, but it doesn’t want to play nice with interlacing.glsl completely removes the scanline effects.


interlacing needs an explicit scale factor of at least 2 (it hates odd-numbered scale factors, too, for some reason).


Does dotmask downscale the image?

I’m using Image-adjustment.glsl Interlacing.glsl and dotmask.glsl

On this particular preset.

If I put dotmask before interlacing I get a much bigger dotmask


all shaders but the last get an implicit 1x scale unless you manually set a different one. The last pass automatically scales to fit unless told otherwise.


Playing around with it, I realize what you mean now. I didn’t realize the scale factors worked this way, I’d always set them to ‘don’t care’ lol