Just reporting the performance of some PSP games on a pi 4

Hello friends just reporting Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus and Tales of Eternia do not play that well on LR PPSSPP,in fact GGXXAC has choppy audio

In the contrary and surprisingly Fate/Unlimited Codes plays perfect with some very occasional hiccup even being a fully 3D game

My setup is a pi 4 8 GB model with a Cooler master pi case 40 overclocked with the following parameters

arm_freq=1950 gpu_freq=700 over_voltage=6 gpu_mem=256

I am also using OpenGL FKMS

If you are starving for a modern-ish fighting game with long chains and frenetic adrenaline pumping action your best bets are BlazBlue Continuum Shift II, BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend or Fate/Unlimited Codes, stay clear of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, and for action RPGs YS Seven is your best bet if you are using LR PPSSPP

I know the standalone PPSSPP (it is a rule on most emulators) things run much better than in Libretro but a friend told me it did not ran well on his pi 4 4 GB and standalone PPSSPP

Note: I am currently using RetroPie, but either way I wanted to share my discoveries as I did in the RetroPie forum and I did not wanted to keep you without the knowledge as I see it as a resource to be shared and I am doing so

Question for Raspberry pi Lakka users: how Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus runs on Lakka? Have you managed to make it run on either LR PPSSPP? If it does please let me know and I will get Lakka right away

There are a few hardware-rendered cores where there’s a difference of as much as ~10%, and some isolated people get awful performance vs standalones (like, unusably slow vs fine; but this is probably related to individual settings/setup), but generally cores run similarly in RetroArch vs standalone.

I see, it is very interesting to say the least… I am enjoying a lot my Raspberry pi 4 as my retro console TBH

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