Keyboard Remap causes double binds


I got another issue I can’t seem to resolve… So I have this Joystick (X-Arcade) but it appears as a keyboard to the systems I use it on, so when I go into Lakka And select Bind User 1 inputs they go as follow:

(X-Arcade) - (Lakka Sees) - (Bound as)

Player 1 - num1 - Start

Top left - ctrl - Y button (left)

Top Mid - alt - X Top

Top right - space - L button

Bott Left - Shift - B button (down)

Bott mid - z - A button (right)

Bott right - x - R button

EBB Left - c - L2 button

EBB right - num5 - R2 button

LSide B - num3 - select

Joy Up - keypad8 - D-pad up

joy down - keypad2 - D-pad down

joy left - keypad4 - D-pad left

joy right - keypad 6 - D-pad right

Now this has been working great for most games, and I’ll adjust ket mapping per game if need by opening up the lakka context menu and going to controls and re-map as required and save the game remap file…

However I noticed something in DOOM. For instance DOOM only allow you to change weapons using the numbers. Now as you can see some numbers are bound to my Lakka Gamepad, in particular number 1 which I have mapped to Start.

Now if I go into the controls menu and select Keyboard and Mouse, this lets me bound my Lakka Gamepad to any Keyboard input. E.G. I bound “Start” (In reality num1) as return. This allowed me to start a game of doom using the player 1 button on the joystick, however, once I’m in game it’ll act as both buttons!

E.G. If you simply press “return” in game on Doom (on an actual keyboard) you get a red text at the top stating "%whatever your last alert was%. Nothing else, and if you press the num 1 it switches to the fist weapon. However with my mapping, when I press the player 1 button (num 1 - start) I get the message alert, and it’ll swap my weapon to the fist.

How can I fix this? I also found certain key bindings go wonky with certain combinations… one key I found I couldn’t stop from being the “shoot” action regardless of what I changed in the lakka control context menu…

ADDITIONAL NOTE I have my input device at the top of the lakka control (in game mapping area) as Keyboard and Mouse, to allow me to remap my “gamepad” to keyboard strokes, and I quote gamepad cause it’s really seen as a keyboard itself, which I know is sort of the problem here…