Lakka 2.2 bluetooth issue on Tinker Board


Does anyone know how to get this thing working properly? I cant get my 8bitdo SN30 Pro, Switch Pro or XBox One Controllers to be discovered by bluetoothctl and they just dont work unless they are plugged in (the Switch Pro doesnt work at all, it starts ghost inputting until it eventually just craps out). I have everything else I want to use it for working except the bluetooth issue. Mainly my main controller being the SN30 Pro 8bitdo controller. Please help


I only made my 8bitdo SN30 Pro work by plugging a usb bluetooth dongle, internal never worked. However 2.2 isn’t stable for me as i get several random reboots without explanation.

Unfortunately Lakka for Tinker Board is a no-go atm imo.


I ended up going back to Lakka 2.1.1 which works flawless for me on my Tinker Board. I can only hope future updates correct the issues that surfaced after 2.1.1