Lakka 2.2 not booting


When I did a fresh install it got stuck on the flower screen. Tried 3 monitors and tv’s to get another screen to work. It no success. Then I installed an older version. 2.0 and workers great. Then I did an upgrade and bam. Got stick on flower screen again. I tried to take a log from it but I can’t even use shh when this happens. I use an laptop i7 with Nvidia build in.


Can I use an older build and update the cores till this is fixed?


Usually, yes.

They go in /storage/cores

2.0 is very old though, I’m not sure it would work.


Just out of curiosity, have you tried 2.1? I find that series to be a very solid build.


No not yet. I’ll try that tonight. I find this issue very wierd


Will there be a fix for this problem. I rather have newest version.

Oorrrrr is retroarch on Ubuntu also working well?

Is there a core for ppsspp and dolphin?


Nope not working.

What I did now is installed Ubuntu with only retroarch