Lakka 2.3.1 - Problem scanning ROMs on NFS mount

Hey guys,

New to Lakka but very experienced with Linux. So I followed the documentation and created a mount for my fileserver via NFS (not CIFS). The mount comes up just fine and I can browse the filesystem through the Lakka menus as well as from the command line. On the NFS filesystem, I have two folders, one for the Mame 2003 reference roms and one for SNES roms. I was able to scan the SNES roms just fine and Lakka built the playlist for SNES. However, when I try to scan the directory containing the Mame roms Lakka shows the progress bar at the bottom and hangs on the first rom at like 3%. There are a ton of files in that directory so I even let it sit overnight and came back but it was still at 3%. I do have the NFS share mounted as read only but I wouldn’t think that would be an issue, especially since it scanned the SNES folder without issue. I have been able to scan Mame files if I copy them to the SD card but I’d prefer to keep them on the NFS share if possible. There isn’t anything in the Mame directory except what came in the archive of reference non-merged roms which is zip files and a-few folders containing chd files. Any thoughts/suggestions on what the issue could be?

Dunno why it would be stuck at 3%, but if it works scanning locally, you might move them over temporarily just to do the scanning, then edit the paths in the playlist file with the network path after it finishes.

Thanks hunterk, that’s a good idea. Will give that a try.

I had a similar “progress bar stuck” issue when scanning a CIFS share with a ton of arcade roms in it, so I don’t think NFS has anything to do with it.

It seems that the scanning engine isn’t updating the GUI throughout the process.

If you SSH into Lakka and watch the playlist file, you should see it adding new entries to it. Once it finishes, the GUI completes the progress bar.

Do you have CHD files in your ROMs directory?

Thanks @tequilatram you get the gold star for pointing me in the right direction. I tried it last night locally and had the same problem, the scan stopped at 3% pretty much immediately after the bar appeared. Checked the playlist byte size and it also wasn’t incrementing so I knew it wasn’t working in the background. So I tried to think back to determine what was different from when it worked before and I realized I had the directories for the CHD files in the roms directory this time. Moved those directories out and it worked fine. So @natinusala you were absolutely correct, just didn’t see your reply until this morning. :slight_smile: Thanks to you both for the replies.

So how should I handle this? I was under the impression the CHD files (contained in their own directory) needed to be in the roms directory. Do I need to move them in and out every time I need to do a scan? Or do they belong somewhere else?

For anyone else who runs across this, seems like it’s been a known issue for a while.

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