Lakka 3.0 installation

I am currently running Lakka 2.3.2 on a dedicated PC and want to update to 3.0. Will doing a fresh install delete all of my roms? Thanks.


Yes how to update if you like it? Thanks.

Hi guys,

I am sure the Lakka team will chime in but according to the released blog post it says:

This time we recommend doing a clean install to avoid any incompatibility issues, as significant changes to the underlaying operating system and RetroArch were made.

I upgraded mine… sorry I mean I backed up all my Lakka files with SSH and then installed fresh. I then put Roms, savefiles, save states, remappers, overlays back manually (using SSH again on the new version)

Then I just went through all the settings and re-set them up. Same goes for all my bluetooth Dualshock 4 controllers had to re-pair them up.

I am now up and running and I do like the new version better! Love that Lakka releases will not be far off from retroarch with their new planned release cycle.

I have my old retroarch.cfg file from the backup that had most of my custom settings but I was afraid to just drop that back in because of the differences in the old version of Lakka to this one…

I am HOPING the next release (3.0.1 or later) will just be an easy update from 3.0 from the GUI.


Thank you for your answer, I will wait then or stay in 2.3.2 because I don’t want to lose my backups and roms unfortunately.

As for saving roms i recommend getting a external drive to keep them on. Since roms and emulation are usually under threat by Nintendo for the most part. I have a Linux OS on a Laptop and I have a ssd drive in a external enclosure with all my roms saved as a master copy in case something were to happen to my partition. Nintendo has been known to have taken down rom sites so when it comes to availability of roms it is concerning.

Now for your thumbnails, game saves, save states and playlists you could back them up on somewhere else which is handy when you need to do a clean install. Since Im working with a Linux OS i can directly mount my sd card to my computer and do a simple copy/paste of my files for Lakka.

Eventually I will be doing a clean install as well. I could that with Gnome Disks via “Restore Disk Image”

Yes good idea thank you I’ll try that!

Slightly unrelated, but what Linux distro are you running? It looks pretty.

Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.1, there is also that distro that looks a lot like Mac OS which is Elementary OS. As for Linux Mint it replaced my Windows 10 OS as a daily driver years ago. With so much Free and Open source software I dont really need to go back to windows, I can even use open source software to develop games.

In the software manager you can see they have Retroarch available by default. The themes for Linux Mint are free to download and customize as you see fit.