Lakka 3.0 Nightly (sept. 10, 2020 Rpi3B+) and DS4 - Autosync!

I wasn’t aware of this but Lakka now autosyncs to my DS4 controllers (V1 and V2, and both at the same time). Just plug in the USB cable and it will autosync by bluetooth afterwards. I wasn’t aware of this and I just wanted to put it out there.

This is seriously a nice feature! It’s seems the controllers no longer go mad either. I know there has been a lot of work going on with rewriting the input code in Retroarch. I have to test a bit more to be sure though, I could swear it was still not perfectly stable when the cable was plugged in, but in BT mode, I haven’t experienced a problem yet.

ps. If this actually is working perfectly in Lakka 2.2, then just disregard this post. I did a search on the forums and nothing came up.

There’s one annoying thing tho: Lakka will default to 50hz on PAL based TVs. I need edto add: hdmi_drive=2 hdmi_group=1 hdmi_mode=16 to config.txt. to get 1080p/60 working.

If there is anyway to make lakka prefer 60hz over 50hz, then I think that should be included in Lakka as default.

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There is a way but if we hardcode the resolution then everything else will fail. So this is what your tv reports as compatible maybe fix the tv by a firmware update vs destroy everyone’s installation because yours doesn’t boot as you like it

I wish it was that easy. But AFAIK all televisions in PAL regions will default to 50hz. (all TV’s will support of course 60hz as well, just that 50hz is “preferred”) For me it’s not a big deal to ssh in and remount /flash as rw and add those lines to config.txt, but for the average user that’s probably not too intuitive. So European users will by default get a pretty jerky experience. (It goes without saying that US versions of Roms are preferred over PAL versions)

Also, I did a search on Github at both Lakka and Retroarch to perhaps find out how this auto pairing of DS4 was implemented, but I could just find the auto pairing patch for DS3 for Bluez 5.x. Anyone care to elaborate?

DS4 works fine on 2.2.2 at the very least. complete couple PS1 game with it without too much of an issues. working many like 95% of the time? it will have some minor issues once in a while at random. But it great to hear that it is not autosyn via a usb cable like DS3. Setting up DS4 controller is definitely the most complicated thing to do in order to get the setup running. luckily you only need to do that once. LOL Wonderful news indeed.