Lakka 3.2 can install On X96 Mini


There is any clue that I can install Lakka 3.2 on my chinesse TV box x96 mini? It have s905w 2gb ram 16gb rom.

How actually we setup the DTB? I have p281_2g that run well on coreElec (I know Lakka based on LibreElec) but dont know how I put in to try.

Please your advise.

Thank you.

You can try downloading Lakka for AMLGX boxes:

After creating the SD card, you will need to add your DTB to the config file as shown here: Amlogic - (under “box images”). The one that you should try for your box is “meson-gxl-s905w-p281.dtb”

Do not use a DTB from Android or CoreELEC or any other old systems - they will not work with the newer Linux kernels that Lakka uses. Use the DTB files that are present on the SD card.

Hi @mh287

Thank you for your advise. I was do the same last time but splash screen stuck on x96 screen.

Last time I was able to boot Lakka 2.3 but with wifi and bluetooth not working.

Yes I was use rufus to copy img to microSD. Do i should use etcher instead?

Thank you.

Make sure you chose the correct device tree. Did you add it to your uEnv.ini config file? Also try to boot a current test build of LibreELEC: LibreELEC nightly downloads. As LibreELEC development for Amlogic boxes is ahead of Lakka, it’s always worth testing it first.

In general, my advice is to find a working LibreELEC build (look for test builds, community builds from forums, etc) that uses a mainline linux kernel, then try to copy the kernel and DTB to your Lakka SD and see if it boots. This will allow you to determine if the DTB or kernel is the issue.

Wifi, Bluetooth (and probably HDMI audio) will not work out of the box, for that you will need to build your own Lakka image with a modified device tree and firmware files. The reason is that there are too many different combinations of Wifi/Bluetooth chips for these boxes and Lakka/LibreELEC just provides a generic build for all. If your chip is RTL8723BS, there is a good chance you can get it working.

Ah, I got the problem. I was connect my xbox controller when first boot.

Regading personal build, I’m just noob but want to learn. Can you show me the manual or where I can start?

Thank you.

You could have a look at these pages:

Lakka documentation - Compiling Lakka

Building (Basics) -

This information is very basic. It will allow you to download and build an image. For customizing it, I believe there is no advanced manual available, you will have to look at the build system scripts and figure things out. If you have specific questions, I’d recommend the Lakka discord channel or the #libreelec IRC channel at freenode, the people there are very helpful.

Thank you. I will check it.