Lakka 3.5 reboots while scanning roms

New version, new issues! I’ve just update to 3.5 and while scanning roms, specifically psx roms on an USB pen, lakka reboot to main menu, the one that appears once is ready for use.

Previously all worked fine, i have an usb drive fat32 formatted with ventoy. Actually the image is the aarch64 once instaed of the standard amr i picked up before, could be because of that?

Little update: it did the same while i was manual scanning a folder labelled “Amiga” containing some .adf files. The other folders i scanned, containing MAME nes, snes, atari 26000, atari 7800 and sega master system ROMs with auto scanining did not give any trouble at all.

Probably there are some bugs with the scanning system, please check both the auto and manual ones.

Another update, filled a report on github, in the lakka-libreELEC section:

hope it is the right place. Please if you feel, delete this whole thread

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