Lakka 4.2 Cores

I just got Lakka 4.2 setup on my Pi3B+.

For some reason I can’t load a single ROM cause no Cores are available. The UI doesn’t seem to be able to download cores like the older UI’s I remember.

Am I missing something?

You should provide some log so that we can understand the issue.

I love you gouchi, however…

Logs will not help you as nothing “failed” and nothing was “attempted”. I only tried to play a ROM and it stated no Cores are available.

In older Lakka, it was pretty straight forward to get/download cores right from the UI. Lakka 4.2 does not have this functionality?

If I need to manually grab cores from an older build, and copy them to a specific folder in my new setup, so be it. But what happened to the simple intuitive design?

I think what happened is something went wrong at first boot and left the SD card in a bad state.

I re-flashed the SD card again and everything is working as it should. After reviewing some other posts about using alternative cores and being able to use them from a set repo, and placing them in the user’s core path. Not really what I wanted but after reading some more threads, it was apparent that Lakka comes pre-compiled with cores. (Hence gouchi asking for logs).

Thanks again. hope this helps others that might come across the same problem.