Lakka boot to black screen on laptop

G’day. I have lakka on a laptop and using a xbox one controller connected via usb. When I turn on the laptop if I don’t turn on the controller via the xbox button directly after the mobo splash screen and as soon as the text appears at the top of the screen it will just got to a black screen after a 30sec or so and requires hard restart of the laptop to try again.

If the controller is powered on during the mobo screen or after the screen goes black it won’t work either. Even if I turn it on at seemingly the correct time it’s not a 100% success rate.

When I get it to boot the text at the top seems to switch to a higher resolution or smaller font then the lakka logo appears and I’m in and all seems to work well.

I have tried a reinstall of lakka, a different controller, different usb cable, not controller and a reinstall with out the controller plugged in.

Any idea what going on here.

This is my first time trying out lakka or any similar software.