Lakka build for Pcduino3


Title says it all. I’m wondering if there’s a build planned for the Pcduino3 at any point, or if it’s possible to modify an existing image - say, the cubieboard one (hardware is very similar) - to work with it?


I think, from what kivutar has told me, they’re pretty much at their limit for supported hardware ports but that it’s easy enough for people to make their own community ports (ala Cyanogenmod). From what he’s said, all you really need are the kernel sources and access to the bootloader. If you have those, the rest is just compiling, IIRC.


I confirm what hunterk says


Well, I do have kernel sources for PcDuino. Do you have any tip how to start compiling it with lakka? A little guidance (website, book, whatever) would definitelly help here :slight_smile: