Lakka - Catch "File not found" and launch action


Hi Everybody,

Is there a way to “catch” a “File not found” error when launching a game and launch an action ? And is it possible to “dialog” with user (just a question with a select yes / no answer) ?

Thanks by advance for your ideas and your replies :wink:


Not any way currently, no.


Thanks for your reply hunterk. Is there a plan to do in future version ?


not that I know of. Are you referring to, say, cue sheets with incorrect bin paths?


Hi Hunterk,

There is many features in my mind about that :slight_smile: Try to autocorrect filepath for multiple disc games, try to load another version if one is not found (Fr / Europe / World), try an alternative path, …

I’m also searching about a subsystem which can ask differents version available for a game (and mark one as prefered) between available (Fr Europe, Japan, World, Beta, Hack…). Edit : it can limit multiple entries during searching a game. If you have some ideas :sweat_smile: