Lakka - Composite Output to CRT is broken on Pi 3

Downloaded the new Lakka release and it doesn’t seem to work on the Pi 3?

I tried updating my previous Lakka by dumping the image into .update, didn’t boot to the Lakka UI.

Then I tried a fresh install but it it doesn’t boot as above.

It works for me, are you using the correct image?

I’m using the correct image for the Model Pi 3 model B.

Which Raspberry Pi model are you using?

I’m having trouble with this too, and I suspect it’s all related to the changes made to the rpi firmware and fkms drivers. I’ve scouted around a bit and saw that other people have been having issues with this on rpi4’s, but this is also an issue with LibreELEC at its core as well. I suspect it’s also affected by the new firmware and drivers. LibreELEC bootloops when using composite and never reaches KODI’s ui. Lakka 2.3 for me just hangs at the flower ever since updating.

I also have a PINN/NOOBS install that I updated and it exhibited the same behavior. So I tested out a bootable USB and sure enough it did the same thing. The Lakka devs might be aware of it now and fixing the issue, and I hope that’s what’s causing composite to not work on Pi 3 and 3+ as well.


Sounds plausible - I’m using composite too.

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On composite here too. Hangs at the flower.

Boots ok on HDMI. Have tried both NTSC modes over composite, interlaced and progressive.

UPDATE: the old nightly from 8-3-19 also doesn’t work. Will have to wait for a fix unless I can find an old image for Lakka 2.2.

Okay guys,

I’ve found a “work-around” for v2.3.1 :slight_smile:

I could solve this issue by following the hints regarding updating the firmware files manually given at … #post84908 :

I downloaded bootcode.bin, start_x.elf and fixup_x.dat from the RPi firmware github repository at … aster/boot, renamed start_x.elf to start.elf and fixup_x.dat to fixup.dat and copied the 3 files to the /flash partition - problem solved!


Ok, got some time to finally try this. The fix works, but R.I.P. 240p.

240p system files DO NOT WORK with current LAKKA.

This was the best thing about the PI for emulation, without it, it’s useless to me. Going to take a look at Mister system as an alternative.